The 3 Most Interesting Style Podcasts, Style File Friday

Although podcasts have really hit their second stride in the last 2-3 years, there are a few subject areas that are really lacking in podcasts, style being one of them. I have spent hours searching for style podcasts, and there are surprisingly few of them available. However, these three are my absolute favourites right now, as they are fun, fascinating, and best of all, fashionable. All three feature two or more hosts, lending a conversational and friendly tone to the episodes, every host is well-informed but also ready to learn, and between the three of them, pretty much every fashion and style related topic imaginable is covered! So grab your phone and earbuds, and get ready to listen…

Most InterestingStyle Podcasts

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Introducing… The Way I C It Podcast

Today I’m very happy to share something from a very good friend and Alpha Gamma Delta sister of mine, a new podcast that is launching today! The Way I C It debuts today (four episodes are live already), and Carolina is the perfect host to bring a new podcast in your listening life. Coming in at 15-20 minutes, it is a quick but thoughtful podcast that will make you think about you and your life but keep you moving forward rather than stuck in thought. Carolina sat down with me for an interview and to give more background and insight into her podcast, which I am excited to share with you today!


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3 Podcasts Everyone Should Be Listening To

I am a huge audiobook and podcast fan- I love listening to them while I do pretty much anything. Laundry, dishes, running, commuting, travelling, pretty much anything is the perfect background for listening to a podcast. I tend to listen to all available episodes when I find a new podcast, and then once I’m caught up, I have my weekly episode to enjoy. Because finding a good podcast is actually pretty difficult, I spend a lot of time looking up recommendations and “if you like THIS, you will like THAT,”- these are my current recommendations that I think most people would enjoy!

3 Podcast Recsfor Everyone

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Rant: Podcast Pet Peeves

I try my hardest to stay positive on the blog and keep the rants to my head, or at the very least to a few choice people who I know will listen. However, this has been stewing in my brain for well over a month now and I can’t let it fester anymore. If you know what I mean or really just want to see me slightly unhinged for a few minutes of reading, buckle up: podcast rant is about to begin!

Rant- Podcast Pet Peeves

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Podcasts for Your Brain

I finally stopped and thought about it the other day, I’ve now been listening to podcasts on a near daily basis for eight years. While they come and go in terms of what I’m feeling like listening to at that time, I’ve been stuck in ever since. My last few podcast recommendations have skewed towards comedy and/or snarky recaps, but these are more if you want to learn or immerse yourself. While the summer is often busy with activities, I find that they tend to be a little lighter on the brain power leaving you a little bit to spare!

Podcasts forYour Brain

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Podcasts You Should Be Listening To, May 2017

If you are at all interested in podcasts, you probably know that S-Town, made by the creators of Serial, dropped about a month ago. While I wasn’t particularly impressed by it but I do love that it brings a ton of attention to podcasts! I haven’t done a podcast recommendation post in quite some time, so today I’m going to be sharing some of the podcasts that I’m listening to right now. These are available for Android and Apple, so everyone is able to enjoy these!

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Successful Podcasts: Gilmore Guys and the Like

Podcasts are becoming more and more mainstream, and I love it. When I started listening to podcasts back in 2008 I felt simultaneously behind the times and ahead of them, continuously having to explain to people what they are. Now there is a podcast to suit every interest imaginable, usually multiple podcasts. Podcasts like Radiolab and Serial are arguably the most successful (in terms of numbers) and while I listen to them the ones that really stick with me, the ones I keep coming back to, are the ones where you actually get to know the hosts and they inject their personality into it.  Continue reading

Murder is Everywhere- Podcasts and TV!

To continue with the theme of true crime and murder from my post yesterday, I am sharing three podcasts and two television shows featuring murder. Although it may not be for the faint of heart, I don’t believe that there are any particularly gruesome or off-putting details in these. These posts may not indicate it, but I’m not one for grisly information; I’ve been known to pass out from medical shows on television, let alone an in-depth discussion of a brutal murder. If you share the same apprehensions, you should be okay!

I know that Halloween is really the time for supernatural and ghost type things, but that has never appealed to me. Yes, they can be frightening and scary but can also be entirely imaginary. I think I find true crime interesting because there is a resolution (in most that I read/watch), and that there are humans who do work to honour those who are killed. Anyways, I won’t bore you with philosophy and feelings, onto the recommendations!  Continue reading

More Podcasts!

I have a new coworker (and a new friend!) who is super into podcasts like me, but has really different tastes than I do. I find it hard to find new podcasts- there is such a range in quality, length, and topic. I don’t need a professionally mixed podcast, but I do prefer there not to be a whole lot of talking over each other (Afterbuzz TV podcasts- I’m looking at you. Cut down on the number of hosts or don’t talk over each other). I prefer longer podcasts- an hour or more is wonderful. Two is amazing! The more time I can listen, the better! She introduced me to a few (new-to-me) but fantastic podcasts that I think anyone could listen to.

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