4 TV Comedy Recommendations

As per my recent poll, at least some of my lovely readers are interested in my favourite Netflix/TV show recommendations! Although I am a voracious reader, relaxing with a good tv show can always be a nice alternative (I’m especially partial to a good comedy). These are some of my favourite shows to dig into after a long day, and have all held up to three and four viewings. While I know that everyone likes something different, these recommendations are for comedies! (More recs to come later in other genres.) So, if you’ve have a long day or really just want to laugh, here is the post for you!

4 TV Comedy Recommendations

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Time to Give Fall Television a Shot Again

I have started to realise again that television does exist. I’m fairly entrenched in my reading, and I like that I can take my books or kobo anywhere- not always the case with television shows. Still, there are a few shows that I think I’m going to be watching this fall!Β  Continue reading