History in the Making

History in the Making

When An Historian Travels Tag…

Shop Girl Anonymous has very, very kindly nominated me for a travel tag! This tag means a lot to me, as she is one of my favourite bloggers to follow and read- I have become a much more critical and engaged consumer, and I pay a lot more attention to the stores and websites I use. Jess has such a great voice and is so engaged with her readers, if you haven’t read her blog you should take a few moments to do that right now…
You’re back? Wonderful! Today’s tag is all about how and where you travel, and what you look for. I hope you enjoy travelling with me today…
An Historian Travels....

What is your favourite place that you have visited?
This is incredibly difficult, so I’m picking two places- Dublin and London. Dublin was home for a year, and still feels like home when I go back. It has an incredible amount of history and culture and events happening without being overwhelming or busy. London is gorgeous and historic and so full of royal everything that I couldn’t love it more!
Dublin Bewleys

If you could visit anywhere tomorrow where would you go?

Tomorrow? The Ring of Kerry in Ireland- I know that’s beautiful but it was foggy when we were there.
Edinburgh castle

Would you rather go on a city holiday or a beach holiday?

City, without a doubt- if my name wasn’t clear, I travel to learn and see the history of a place, and to shop… I’m also just terrified and grossed out by water, because lakes and oceans are just fish toilet bowls if you really stop and think about it.
Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Shirt.jpeg

My top three travel essentials are: 
1. My phone- it has saved copies and emails of everything I need, it’s my phone, and my lifeline to everyone.
2. My Vinyasa Lulu scarf– because it’s literally a catch all and can be essentially anything I need it to be. I could count 20+ times it’s already saved me…
3. Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer- I’ve been using this for 4 years now, and it’s invaluable. It keeps my facial skin happy, and if need be, can be used on my hands if really necessary. 

Are you an over packer or an under packer?

Notoriously an overpacker to the nth degree- I hate having to rebuy things for no apparent reason, especially if it’s only because I’ve forgotten it and there’s been no issues with my luggage. I am getting better on the clothing side- I pay very close attention to the weather and what clothing I plan to wear each day.
Kensington Palace

What is your favourite thing about going on vacations?

Seeing new places, people, and things- after moving to Dublin for grad school for a year, I knew that I wasn’t going to stay in Winnipeg forever. I love getting to experience old and new cultures! Walking through the old palace at Hampton Court was one of the most fascinating hours of my life; to think that Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Sir Thomas More all walked through the exact same halls, I was incredibly humbled.

Would you rather go on vacation with family or friends?

Family, because inevitably someone will snap and you/they will probably need some forgiveness along the way…

What is the most adventurous dish you have ever tried from another country?

I’m a super picky eater and I usually err on the side of caution, so I’m going to have to go with a deep-fried Mars bar in Dublin. I still don’t know where I fall on the whole “deep frying everything possible” thing but it was a pleasant surprise!
Now, whom shall I ask to do this……
Charlotte from Mosaicca, who is a true friend and an amazing blogger! Her photography is amazing, her voice is so open and engaging, and she’s got a fantastic eye for delicious recipes!
Fatty McCupcakes, who is downright hilarious (seriously, she’s been nominated for a Funniest Blogger Award) and is an honest blogger that you can definitely see yourself hanging out with on a Saturday night. Or any night, because everyone needs to laugh!
Hannah of Just Another Day, who accomplishes some pretty impressive tasks (such as climbing actual mountains), shares some wonderful books, and has an amazing Cath Kidston collection that I am far too jealous of, all while completing her Masters!
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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  • Thank you so much for nominating me!! And, your kind words mean a lot! I am definitely going to participate in this. I love to travel, but never get the opportunity to do so. Thus, the trips I have taken are so memorable and important to me. I’ll have to get some pictures together and start planning my post. Thank you, again, friend ?

  • Thanks for nominating 😀 I’ll try do it soon but have 3 exams approaching very quickly so I’m revising like mad but I’ll get it done soon 🙂
    I’ve never tried deep fried mars bar ? was it good? Also I’ve never been to Dublin/Ireland but I want to. In fact one of my friends is studying out there at the moment so I’m going to try to visit her soon 🙂

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