History in the Making

History in the Making

Lilly Pulitzer Windward Dress, Style File Friday

Continuing on in my spring and summer theme for clothing, I’m sharing a light and fun dress that I was able to find for a fantastic price! The Windward Dress is a casual, cotton dress from Lilly Pulitzer that I bought for less than half of the retail price with patience and luck. I’m still working on branching out from my wardrobe of many, many solid neutrals (and stripes that are essentially a neutral…), so Lilly is a perfect infusion of fun and pattern. Although Sea Ruffles (this pattern) is monochromatic, the light blue and white is not at all present in my wardrobe! Look at me, branching out like an adult. This is the story of how I actually found the dress, and my review and thoughts of it!
Lilly Pulitzer Windward Dress

Interestingly I had been looking at this dress on the Nordstrom website several months back- although Nordstrom doesn’t have a whole lot of choice for Lilly Pulitzer, it’s much easier to purchase and ship to Canada from Nordstrom than it is from the Lilly Pulitzer site. I really loved this dress, but I wasn’t convinced enough to pay $108 USD (upwards of $170 CAD when you factor everything in) for a simple cotton dress. So, I looked away and moved on. UNTIL- one morning I couldn’t sleep before work, and found myself on my re-sale groups on Facebook. Normally I don’t look that seriously, but all of a sudden I spotted the Windward Dress being sold for $45 USD, including shipping. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. FORTY FIVE DOLLARS. I messaged the seller, had it shipped to M, and I felt like the ghost of Lilly herself was smiling down upon me!
Lilly Pulitzer Windward Dress
This is an XS, and it fit me perfectly. I have another Lilly piece to review in a few weeks, but I think that overall it runs fairly large. This is made of Pima cotton- soft but not particularly slouchy, it falls nicely. I am only 5’2” but this actually falls right at the knee! It’s perfect for me because it’s an appropriate length for work and it’s long enough to wear casually on the weekends without worrying about flashing people. I can understand that taller people might have an issue with Lilly being short but it all seems to be the perfect length for me! Also, I just love the tigers hidden the print. Lilly prints seem to have a lot of fish hidden, so I tend to gravitate towards the non-fish prints. (This is also available in a purple/pink flower print, but purple and pink aren’t really my jam…) If they made the Windward in another print that I liked, I would seriously consider buying it! I believe that one or both of these prints may have ended up in the After Party Sale last August, so I don’t know if that means that an item wasn’t popular or if it was pulled for the sale. Either way, I saved a ton of money for a NWT (new with tags) dress!
Lilly Windward detail
What do you wear in the spring? And is it the spring where you are? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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  • I’m so glad you found another Lilly piece! I have found once you start you can’t stop! And I’m sure this looks absolutely lovely on you! Can’t wait to see pictures of you in it! <3

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