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Trial- Marshmallow Peanut Butter Butterscotch Thingies

My whole family loves peanut butter, like LOVES PEANUT BUTTER. I could take it or leave it, myself. But alas, we had a long weekend, I was hanging out with Jason and Loki for most of it, and my brother wanted to make peanut butter marshmallow bar! He found this recipe online (I’m not sure where he found it), so we grabbed what we needed from superstore and got to work!






Changes to the recipe:
-Not really a change, but we doubled it and used an 8″x16″ pan
– We melted peanut butter and reese peanut butter chips and added it on top afterwards for even more peanut butter!

Seriously, follow the recipe and cool a wee bit (for reals). This recipe is basic but to the point, and I very much appreciate that. I am the worst blogger in the world, and somehow deleted the picture of the final product (boooooooooo me). However, they did turn out the same as any other picture, including the one on the recipe pic he sent me.

Overall, I would say that this is an easy recipe! If you have ever tried to make rice krispie squares, it is easier than that! I find that peanut butter does not burn as easily as straight butter and marshmallows. If you need a quick dessert for something and don’t have nut allergies to worry about, I would recommend this bar! Most people seem to have fond recollections of it, and as it is fairly rich, you only need small pieces.

We also made peanut butter cookies for Loki, but I will do a post soon with my collection of doggie treat recipes!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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