History in the Making

History in the Making

Thoughts on My Blog

With the year slowly winding down (or up?), I’ve been spending more time thinking on my blog- where it’s currently at, where I’ve come from, and where I want it to go. I firmly believe that blogs are living things that grow and change with us (or away from us), and it’s a good exercise for any blogger to take stock of what they are creating and publishing.
Thoughts on My Blog

I Love My Ballet Posts

I absolutely love writing and working on my ballet posts. I knew that I was never going to be a professional dancer but I still committed to my vocational exams and even still enjoy my classes now! (I am also slowly working on research for a project on the history of ballet, to satisfy the historian in me…) It is a particularly niche area of my blog and I know that I may potentially be alienating some of my readers that aren’t interested in them, but they honestly make me happy and if even one person enjoys it and discovers something new about ballet, it’s completely worth it! I try not to overload everyone with ballet posts, and they are here to stay!
Ballet Stretching Warm up.jpg

It’s Hard to Branch Out Sometimes

Sometimes when I’m really interested in one particular subject area, I will find myself wanting to write two straight weeks of posts on that topic. While I hopefully don’t subject anyone to my whims (to that degree), it means that it can be tough to write another post when what I really want to do is spend all of my time delving into the traditions behind St. Lucy’s day (or whatever bizarre topic I may happen to land upon). My Black and White photo challenge posts were super popular, so every once in a while if I absolutely can’t put my mind to a post without driving myself up a wall, I might share a snapshot type post!
Canmore Bookshop 1.jpg

I Have “A Look” 

I finally feel like I have a consistent look and feel for my blog- I try to use similar images, I set my posts up in one of a few schemes, and moving from one post to the next does feel like it’s always me behind it. (I can’t say that was true when I started blogging.) I’m actually pretty proud to where I’ve got to as for the branding of the blog and me as a blogger; I’ve got a ways to go but I think that I’ve made incredible progress. The fact that I will openly tell people that I have a blog now instead of only mentioning it if absolutely necessary seem important to me. I’m not saying this brand of me won’t change and evolve, but I happen to think it’s pretty great right now!
Tunnel mountain banff 2.jpg

I Struggle With What You Want

I partially write my blog for myself; I also write it for you, my readers. Now, I know that many bloggers will caution you against asking your readers for feedback on what they want, but quite frankly- I don’t know any other way around it! Without comments/polls/feedback, there isn’t really a way to tell if readers love your post and want more of it, or stopped by for a second and left as fast as they possibly can. I more than appreciate the feedback and comments that I receive, and I just wanted to thank everyone who takes the time- it’s hard to tell what an audience you can’t see (and know very little about) wants, and it’s a wonderful feeling to know that you took a risk on a post and it truly resonated with someone!

How Do I Want to Grow? 

There are a few areas in particular that I want to grow for my blog in particular, as a heads up for you! I want to feel more confident in chatting with people about my blog in person (for anyone who meets me in person), and to reach out to people and let them know that I will be writing about whatever it is. (Small goal and is on my 30 before 30 list: actually get business cards for my blog! Should be happening in January) I want to find a way to promote and share bloggers that I love effectively and to a wider audience without necessarily losing a ton of time to it. I’ve become a much stronger blogger, in that I can separate the blog from me and realise that a post doing poorly really has no ramifications at all; I want to make sure that I never lose that. And most of all, I really want to focus on continuing to build a support network- I’ve met some amazing people in Winnipeg and on the interwebz who are amazing, kind, supportive people who go above and beyond in the ways that they help me and I hope that that continues. I also hope that I can be that for someone else!
To everyone that is with me on this journey that I call my blog, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I love hearing from each and every one of you, through comments and emails and social media and in person and carrier pigeon and any other way you would like to get in touch. I hope that you enjoy my snippets of life, and that you can always take something away from my posts!
Remember, you’re pretty much the best ever. 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on My Blog”

  • I have thought about business cards for my blog! More so when I was living overseas and travelling back and forth. Leave them in airports and the like. But it never happened hehe. This is a good idea – to take a look at where you are going with your writing. I try to do the same around the anniversary of my blog (in the summer). Keep up the good writing!

      • Business cards to leave around are a brilliant idea! I’ve noticed a few of my friends have started to find my blogging instagram account. I still panic about it and at first I wondered about removing people from it…. but I decided against it and now decided to embrace it!

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