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The Crown is Finally Here-Planning Your Binge

I fully believe that if you are going to do a Netflix binge session of a new show, you need to make the day worthy of it. In the last year or so, there have been some fairly big shows to come out of Netflix, and they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. While I am more excited than any human should be for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, so much so that I booked the day off of work and already have a post in draft form, I was just as excited for The Crown! I understand why there aren’t a ton of shows or films about the current, living Royal Family, but until The Crown, there weren’t a ton to choose from (The Queen, The King’s Speech, and Diana, though I don’t recommend watching that one…). A full year of waiting, as soon as I was home from work on Friday, Netflix was KING! (See what I did there?)
The Crown_ Planning Your Binge

In case you aren’t up with the new Netflix shows, The Crown is a ten part show following the early reign of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Although she begins the series as Princess Elizabeth, she quickly succeeds her late father and takes the crown. What makes everything so interesting is that it is a look at who the Queen and Prince Philip are as individuals rather than public figures. Philip is known for speaking his mind, but the Queen is rather private- obviously this isn’t a documentary, but for any Royalist, it is fascinating viewing! At only ten, hour long episodes, this is definitely do-able in one day. And while watching it, you will certainly need sustenance! Here is a full menu to keep you going throughout:
Full English Breakfast
Episodes 1 to 3
While starting out in the morning, might I recommend a cuppa of Royal Blend Tea from Fortnum and Mason, official supplier of tea to the Queen? Or, if you are more down to earth, some Twinings English Breakfast Tea! If you are of a delicate stomach, perhaps an English muffin. Or, if you are the type to tuck in for a full breakfast, time to break out the bacon, sausages, eggs, and toast! I personally find a full breakfast too much, particularly if I am doing a lot of sitting, but it might be just the thing if you are in the mood to indulge!
Episodes 4-6
Spoiler alert: episode 4 heavily features The Great Smog, and can make you feel like you are cold to the bones. The standard lunch of a sandwich and crisps (aka potato chips) is nicely supplemented by soup, because no one wants to feel like they are perpetually living in a cold fog. More delicate eaters, and dessert lovers, might go the route of tea sandwiches and dainties. A head’s up though, this will take more planning and preparation time. Also, if you are still in the mood for tea- if you are like me, you are always in the mood for tea- Afternoon Tea has the full flavour of breakfast tea without the huge dose of caffeine.
Roast Dinner
Episodes 7-10
My recommendation is to really embrace supper and go for a full roast! Roasts are quite easy to make- some beef broth, veggies, and a roast in the oven popped in the oven to roast while you are watching the show is pretty much the easiest way to dinner. (And probably lunch the next day, because leftover roast is fantastic.) And while you are waiting for the roast to finish, might I also suggest a gin and Dubonnet à la Her Majesty? One part gin, two parts Dubonnet, and a lemon or orange twist, an easy and delicious cocktail to whip up in honour of the Crown!
The Review
As for the show itself, it was absolutely wonderful! While I did enjoy The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtthis is a much weightier and impressive offering from Netflix. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are a fantastic rendition of QEII and PP, allowing us to see a much younger and perhaps more relatable couple than the older that we often see. I’m of a mixed mind on the supporting cast; some I think nailed it (John Lithgow and Alex Jennings), while others were less convincing (Victoria Hamilton). Given the rumoured $100 million price tag of the show, the setting and costuming were appropriately lavish- the crown itself??? Stunning. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I think that episode 4 might be my favourite- dramatic from start to finish!
Did you watch The Crown? Thoughts?
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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0 thoughts on “The Crown is Finally Here-Planning Your Binge”

  • OMG! This is one of my favorite shows. My boyfriend makes fun of me for my royal family obsession, but he just doesn’t get it. Having a solo Crown Season 2 party this year 🙂

  • I don’t know why I thought it was coming out with the new season already on FBF haha but my hubby and I loved the first season already looking forward to the second. It was so weird seeing Matt Smith (as not the Doctor)! What were your thoughts on John Lithgow’s performance as Churchill? I thought it was a bit over the top but hey he won awards!

    • I thought that John Lithgow was good- as you said, a little over the top but still nothing to be ashamed of! (I also kind of avoid Churchill and politics in general, so I don’t actually know too too much of him haha) It was definitely my favourite show of 2016, and it will most likely take the title for 2017- it’s so well done. You can see that the money spent was definitely worth it, and the acting (especially Her Majesty and Princess Margaret) was spot on!!

  • I keep meaning to tell you that I started watching Gilmore girls because of you and I am really enjoying it so far. I still have quite a few episodes to go through! Thanks for sharing the best Netflix ideas.
    I might have to take a peek at this too. Although I am not normally that into royal-type films. I guess it is because the UK government always uses royal announcements to sneak in horrible news. They did that recently using the engagement of Harry and Meghan to bury the news that they reduced benefit payments to the UKs poorest people. 🙁
    I guess Royal stories *are* a good way to distract people from the terrible things in the world at the moment.

    • Whereabouts are you in GG?!?
      I’ve noticed that the UK really does tend to do it. As someone not in the UK, it’s not really that noticeable (probably because I wouldn’t see the “regular” news anyways), but now that I’ve seen it, I think that’s an awful thing to do. I mean, royal things do typically cheer me up BUT why should this one particular family be used as some sort of flashy distraction from terrible people doing terrible things?!
      I think you might enjoy the Crown, it really doesn’t shy away from the not-so-good things!! (Especially from what I’ve heard about series 2)

      • I’m not sure how far along I am on GG. Lorelai just decided not to get married and then she and Rory went to Harvard for a visit. 🙂

  • Yay, somewhere to chat about the show! (claps hands excitedly). I was initially a bit worried, I confess: it starts off languidly, and the whole ‘conflict between Elizabeth as Woman and Elizabeth as Queen’ thing felt a bit too on-the-nose. But the performances are fantastic, and I got really into it! Incidentally (shameless plug alert), if anyone fancies a chat about specific plot points, I’ve put up episode reviews for the show here: https://staircasewitsite.com/
    (steps out of frame)

  • I was excited for it to get started and held nostalgia for Downton Abbey this weekend. At 9pm last night, I watched episode 1 of the Crown to fill the gap. While it’s got a similar approach, it’s vastly different. I was initially a bit annoyed by Philip as I hadn’t realized he was a tad arrogant but it all eventually fell into place. And that scene with the lung – fun TV viewing! LOL
    Great posts about having tea while drinking it… was too late for me for tea but might work earlier in the day. I was just perusing the Fortnum & Mason catalogue this weekend planning holiday gifts. Great blog post. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m waiting for a cold, wet day, turn on the fire, boil the kettle to came copious pots of tea and plenty of biscuits before I watch the whole series. As an aside, tea should be made in a pot and not in a cup :-/

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