How to Protect Yourself From Sun Damage, Style File Friday

While I think that a lot of the world waits impatiently for spring and summer to arrive and to hopefully bring warm and sunny days to cheer us up, it can be easy to forget how much damage can be done by those sunny days. I think we are all fairly aware of what the sun can do to you but that slips our mind when we are packing up for a weekend out or taking a half hour walk at lunch. These are six specific and easy ways to fight against sun damage and reduce your chances of excess sun exposure!

A Style Guide to Sun Protection

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Clinique Pretty Treats Set Review, Style File FridayΒ 

Clinique is my go-to skincare and make up company- I have sensitive skin that will break out on the spot if it doesn’t like what I put on it. I was first introduced by a friend who let me try her Moisture Surge, and I was hooked! I also love their make up, as it is fairly understated and suits my natural make up well. The universe knows timing- right before my Moisture Surge ran out, the Bay called my mom to let her know that there would be a gift with purchase. I love their small sets, because it is a great way to find new products/colours, and to get travel and purse sized products. This Pretty Treats set is no exception, and it is one of their better collections!

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Summer Skincare Routine, Style File Friday

The summer- the time for most of us where we try to take advantage of the warm weather and do all of those outdoorsy activities that are difficult to do in the extreme cold and metres of snow. (Or rain/ normal amounts of snow that you may have…) It’s also the time when we tend to be harder on our skin. Sure, we often get dry in the winter but the summer can actually work against your skin in big ways. This is how I’m tackling the summer weather and protecting my skin!

Summer Skincare Routine,,Style File Friday

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Lifestyle Investments

Early adulthood is the land of difficult choices, less money than we would like, and a whole lot of confusion. Most of us flounder in some way or another, but you can set yourself up for a solid future by making some key investments. This isn’t about monetary investments- see a professional financial advisor for those- but rather investment items that worth the time and money of picking the right one. As I come to my late twenties, I’ve learned over the years where to spend and where to save, and I’m passing that knowledge on!

Lifestyle Investments

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Style Saturday- 23 July 2016

I’m going to do what I haven’t done in quite a long time (or potentially not at all), and do a post entirely on new beauty products that I have acquired lately. I do have a few more than I can post on later, but I want to give myself more time to actually use the products and get a feeling for how I can actually use them! Continue reading

Style Saturday- 5 March 2016

Welcome to Saturday, where all of your style needs will be met! Okay, now that I’m finished being a flight attendant, I’m here to share one newer item, and two older but loved items! It is exciting to find something new, but sometimes we need those familiar, comfortable pieces. Most of us have our tried and true items, and don’t constantly have new items- we work with what we have!Β  Continue reading

Style Saturday- 19 December 2015

Welcome to possibly the last Style Saturday of 2015! (The 26th will depend on my available time in the next week.) There is a sprinkling of Christmas, of shoes, and some good ol’ skincare! Continue reading

Style Saturday- 8 August 2015

And Style Saturday is back with another look at skincare! Pale folks such as myself struggle with this everyday, and although the less pigmentally challenged people don’t think about it, it should be part of your daily routine! I use these products almost every day.Β  Continue reading