Glamglow- Worth the Splurge?, Style File Friday

If you have ever looked at Sephora’s website, or a beauty related YouTube video, and really even just Instagram, you have probably seen the wonders of GlamGlow touted far and wide- these magical masks and treatments are meant to do wonders, save your skin from impending doom and make you look like a twinkling Disney princess… Or so we are told! Now, if you have ever looked into actually purchasing GlamGlow products, you will realise that they come with a fairly hefty price tag. This is an honest review of two GlamGlow products- the Supermud Clearing Treatment and the Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser in Nude Glow- with my thoughts on whether or not it is actually worth the price tag!

GLAMGLOW_Worth the splurge_

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How to Give Your Hair Love, Style File Friday

Hair is one of the touchiest style/beauty topics out there. We all have our specific preferences about hair, and for the most part aren’t easily swayed. I believe that you should spend as much time (or more) caring for your hair as you do for your skin; your skin will regenerate in a month’s time- your hair could take two or more years to regrow to the length that you want it at. I’m a firm believer in going to the same stylist who knows your hair and can give you correct and informed options for your hair! Today I’m sharing my tips on how to give your hair some love!

How to Give Your Hair Love

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Summer Skincare Routine, Style File Friday

The summer- the time for most of us where we try to take advantage of the warm weather and do all of those outdoorsy activities that are difficult to do in the extreme cold and metres of snow. (Or rain/ normal amounts of snow that you may have…) It’s also the time when we tend to be harder on our skin. Sure, we often get dry in the winter but the summer can actually work against your skin in big ways. This is how I’m tackling the summer weather and protecting my skin!

Summer Skincare Routine,,Style File Friday

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May 2017 Beauty Favourites, Style File Friday

For anyone who has been following this blog for a while, you will know that I’m really not awesome at the whole beauty/make up thing. I find it overwhelming, confusing, and quite frankly, just expensive. However, with a few gurus to lead the way, I’m slowly learning what products are a good investment and are good for my skin type and overall look. In the last few months, I’ve acquired a few new products that I’ve tested, and now love and recommend!

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Clinique Spring Pinks Gift, Style File Friday

As the last few beauty related Style File Friday posts have explained, I am make up challenged. However, the exception to that rule of my life is Clinique- it’s the one brand that I am familiar and comfortable with, probably because I started with their Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and it changed my skin’s life. I haven’t needed anything Clinique lately so I hasn’t been to The Bay lately, but that changed this past weekend! I repurchased my moisturiser AND was able to take advantage of one of those “gift with purchase” deals- and I’m very glad that I did.

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Style File Friday- BareMinerals and Urban Decay Palettes!

I know that for most people buying make up isn’t an ordeal. From what I understand, it’s even enjoyable. However, while I feel entirely comfortable in the realm of style with fabrics, cuts, care, and pairing, I am quite overwhelmed by make up. I don’t know what each product is specifically supposed to do, and I find the price tag even more startling when I don’t understand why I need it in the first place. So, the fact that from January 1, 2017 to today I went from zero palettes to two palettes is astonishing. I’ve not had them too-too long, but here are my first thoughts!  Continue reading

Style File Friday- Finding Your Fragrance

Today’s Style File Friday is about fragrance- I think that some people hate perfumes, some people love perfumes, some people just don’t understand perfumes. I was one of those people that was incredibly hesitant to try and find a scent for myself. Every time I walked near the perfume wall in Sephora or the counter in the Bay, I was either spritzed with a smell I had no interest in, or there was nothing that stood out to me. These are some tips to help you find your own scent in a relatively painless process! Continue reading

Style File Friday, 17 February 2017

This week marks a momentous occasion. For some people, dare I say most people, this would not be an occasion at all. It would be a normal, everyday action that you wouldn’t bat an eyelash at. You see, I ordered my very first, honest to goodness, non-drugstore make up palette! I spent hours upon hours trying to find a palette that fit within my budget, brands that I want to support, and the colour range that I like wearing right now. So, which palette did I end up ordering? Continue reading

Slowing Dressing the Holidays, Style Saturday- 5 November 2016

We all know that there are two camps of people, those that get into the holiday spirit early and those that are strictly December folks. I am not ashamed to admit that I am firmly entrenched in the former, and I am a proud elf through and through! Canadian Thanksgiving was the second Monday in October, so Halloween and Christmas are really the only big holidays afterwards in the fall up here. Getting into the holiday spirit keeps me cheerful and happy at a busy time of year! One way that I enjoy celebrating is styling myself accordingly. Yes, I have in-your-face Christmas sweaters with bells to let you know that I am there, but those are reserved for December- November is all about subtlety. How do I do that?  Continue reading

Lip Balm Addiction, Style Saturday

I have admitted time and time again, I am no beauty guru. I can do a basic look (read: I can put on two colours of eye shadow tops, some mascara, and blush.) I try to learn how to be more capable with my make up, but I put on a tiny bit more than I normally do and then I feel like I’m wearing stage make up. My focus for the last few months has really been on keeping my face clean and moisturised, as I am continually being told that if I take care of my skin now, I will be thankful later. (If that’s a lie, I’m coming after all of you marketing folks. For reals.) However, there is one area of my face that I might have not been treating the best…  Continue reading