Hosting and Party Etiquette

“Do I have to invite significant others?”, “Do I need to pay for my plate?”, “Speeches??” are all questions that seem to follow people when they are planning a wedding. However, most of us don’t regularly host weddings but rather casual get-togethers at home with friends and family.  This final post in my etiquette series is all about hosting casual parties yourself, and to make the best of it for you and your guests. A little bit of etiquette can go a long way to easy, smooth, and successful parties at home, and make your guests feel that much more comfortable!

Hosting & Party Etiquette

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Holiday Traditions (Blogmas 2016)

For many of us, we are winding down at work and school for a bit of a break, or at least for an extra few days, and I think that we are all looking forward to it! Yes, it is usually accompanied with a different kind of business, but I personally prefer the business of holiday visits and events than paperwork and emails at work. It is the time to embrace the cheer and warmth of Christmas lights and parties and enjoy the company of those around us. Today is all about those traditions that we have!  Continue reading

Holiday Party Checklist

Yes, it’s only October and Halloween has yet to arrive (and Thanksgiving for my American readers), but holiday party planning usually needs to start before the actual season. Although holiday parties don’t need to be overly formal and elaborate events, a little bit of forethought and planning can go a long way to smoothing out the planning process and making for a fun party! This post will help you get ahead for your party planning while keeping the work to a minimum. The checklist will help you stay on track and organised while the holiday season gets chaotic and busy! (Also, thinking about warm and cozy holiday parties will help you get through the autumn transition to winter with cold weather, potential snow, and dreary skies.) To the party planning! Continue reading

Cookie Exchanges: How Do They Work?

You may have heard about cookie exchanges from your mom/aunt/grandma and dismissed it when you were younger. However, once you reach your mid-twenties, you probably need to start bringing things to holiday parties (don’t be that person). If you have a lot of events with the same people, you don’t want to always bring the same thing. And even if the events are with different people, you might not want to keep making the same cookie over and over and over and over again. Enter: the cookie exchange. Continue reading

People love my nephew! A baby shower

Last week, there was a baby shower for my nephew! It was quite fun, though it continually made me realise that although I am fairly well-versed in most areas of etiquette, I have absolutely no clue what you do at/for a baby shower. I mean I get that there are presents, but what else happens??
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