Blueberry Pudding Cake, Make It Monday

Now that it is properly autumn, I’m turning to comfort foods. I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot happening in my life right now and it’s wonderful to be able to escape for a little bit and take some time to create something. I’ve been eyeing up pudding style cakes for a while- they scream “cozy” to me, and on the whole look fairly easy to make. (Sometimes I’m all up for a complex and detailed recipe, sometimes I just want to be able to throw things together and go. It was the latter this time…) This is an easy to follow recipe that is a great option for bakers of any ability!

Blueberry Pudding Cake,Make It Monday

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Strawberry Ice-Box Cake, Make-It Monday

The weather is getting warm, the sun is staying up late, and it’s the time that you have friends over and you head out. So, that means more potlucks and barbecues- easy and light recipes that don’t keep you in the kitchen and feeling heavy afterwards. This couldn’t be an easier recipe and it can be thrown together in less than 5 minutes- this ice box cake is the perfect summer recipe!


Strawberry Ice Box Cake,Make It Monday

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Recipe Plans for the Summer

As I posted a month ago, I am planning on making one new recipe a week! I’ve been compiling recipes- thank you for the recommendations, by the way!!- and making a plan for when I will make what. The date listed will be Saturday, but I will give myself the full week (Saturday to Friday) to make the recipe. Continue reading

Trial- An Easter Cake!!

I have made quite few different cupcakes, but I haven’t made a cake from scratch before. Obviously the recipe is the same, but the timing is not! I was slightly concerned about over- or under-cooking the cake, but that wasn’t a problem. I’ve been considering trying this recipe for a while, it’s based off a Hershey recipe, and doesn’t contain any weird ingredients. I spend quite a bit of time trawling through recipes and think I’ve found a great one, and then it requires an ingredient that I would only use for that one recipe and never again. I try to not buy things that I can only use once. But this was a success!!

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