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Slower Reading Can Be Enjoyable, Too

I tend to read rather quickly. Not on purpose most times, but because I get so involved in the book! I found last year I really concentrated on reading quickly. My GoodReads goal was 85, and I made a sub-goal of 100 books. I achieved that, but it meant that I had to be reading pretty much all of them. By the end of the year, it took the fun out of it slightly. So this year, I am going with a goal of 52 books! And it has made all of the difference….

I am enjoying not having to rush through books. If I’m busy, I’m not worried about not getting in enough reading time. If I don’t like a book, I’m not worried about not finishing it. There has been one “abandoned” book thus far in 2016!

Stuck in Downward Dog, Chantel Guertin

The one time I *don’t* read the GoodReads review, and I get bit! It was in the Kobo Boxing Day Sale, and I thought, why not! Why not? The characters are all supremely irritating and you don’t want any of them to succeed or really do anything at all because of just how annoying they are. I understand the 2.88 rating on GoodReads, and it was abandoned at 36% completed.


Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsor, Anne Edwards

I loved this biography of Queen Mary- she is so much of what we think of as the House of Windsor, whether we realise it or not! She was a dependable and solid woman who was the backbone of the British Royal Family for her entire adult life. Although royal biographies are often just disguised info dumps, Edwards does not fall into the trap! It is easy to read, and moves along at a good speed. My only slight complaint is that it is half focused on Mary, half on the men (ie. her husband, George V and her sons Edward VIII and George VI) in her life. Now I’ve got to find a biography of George V! 5/5 stars, without a doubt!


Copy Cap Murder, Jenn McKinley

The fourth in McKinley’s Hat Shop Mystery series, I thoroughly enjoyed this! It’s never terribly gruesome, hats are always featured and discussed in depth. (Although, I could always go for more millinery discussions!) I was left guessing the entire time! I would like the romance to move along now- the main character, Scarlett, has sworn off of men for six months, and of course there is someone interested! I don’t care if they end up together, just decide at this point! Still 5/5 stars, though.


The Marble Collector, Cecelia Ahern

This begins with series of non-sequitorial chapters (that’s a word now, I’ve decided); you begin to see the connections as you read more. This isn’t my favourite of Cecelia’s books. It just feels like something was missing- I can’t put my finger on it, but that certain spark that draws me isn’t there. Fergus is an interesting character, and although we are only given snippets of his life, you learn an incredible amount about him. He is certainly isn’t a purely “good” character. I still found myself wanting to know more without necessarily wanting anything to happen for him, positive or negative. I would give this 3.5/5 stars (rounded to 4 on Goodreads).


What have you been reading lately?? How is your 2016 reading goal coming along??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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