A Book and A Beverage: March 2018

I’m back again with my monthly instalment of a book and a beverage! For an introduction to this monthly series, please check out my February post here. If you are newer to my blog, each month I’m going to share what I am drinking and what I am reading, and give you a peek into how I’m spending my free time at the moment. And as always, if you are interested in taking part in A Book and A Beverage, please feel free to send me an email at anhistorianabouttown@gmail.com or my Contact Me page.

A Book and A Beverage, March 2018

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The 5 Audiobooks You Need to Listen To

Audiobooks are a fairly controversial topic in the world of books, possibly even as controversial as the raging debate over physical and ebooks. (You may think that I’m being dramatic, but these are big issues that companies pour far too much money into promoting one side or the other.) Many people see listening to audiobooks as “cheating”, that if you keep track of the books you read for a yearly challenge or countdown, that it doesn’t “count” because you didn’t read it with your eyes. It’s okay if you are hearing impaired, otherwise it’s reading the traditional way or nothing. Well, I’m hear to say (pun INTENDED) that taking a book in through any venue is a worthwhile pursuit and good for your soul. These are my five favourite audiobooks that I think that everyone should listen to, and I hope you will give them a chance!

5 Audiobooks

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3 Ways to Improve Your Reading Experience

If you are new to the blog or only read one area of the blog, I’m a big reader! I mean, I’m physically petite but I tear through books in no time. No matter what is happening, you can always cozy up with a good book and get lost for a few hours. Fiction, biography, mystery, history, suspense, even cooking books- grab a book and let yourself go! A new book that you’ve been waiting to read or an audiobook that has a fantastic narrator, there is a book out there for you right now. Today’s post is all about to improve your reading experience and make the most of your time to yourself!

3 Ways to Improve Your Reading Experience.jpg

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Summer Book Recs: Crazy Rich Asians!

While I do read more than most and am usually willing to try new books, sometimes it can take me a little while to jump on new books. Sometimes I will read a book solely because of its cover, and sometimes it doesn’t affect the decision at all. Today’s series started out as a sleeper for me, but turned out to be one of my favourites now! It’s perfect for entertainment, for relaxation, for an afternoon when you just want some fun- Crazy Rich Asians!

Summer Book Recs

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More Time for Reading Than I Thought

Long story short that will be explained in a different post, I’m not flying out to see M now until the 28th. While I am pretty upset that my little time with him is being cut short, I’m trying to see the positive. Currently the positive is that I can make my through some of the books I’ve snagged on sale from Kobo in the last couple of weeks! Whenever I fly I like to have a wide variety of books at my disposal, lest I end up sitting somewhere for hours. So, I’ve taken advantage of the sales where I can and grabbed quite a few!

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Best Books of 2016

While these are not books that were necessarily released in 2016, they were books that I read and loved in 2016! As always I went through valleys and peaks with my reading- I will go from “I can’t put this book down and will spend every spare moment reading” to “nothing appeals to me and I just feel like listening to podcasts” in about a week’s time. I set a lower goal for myself this year with only 52 books (as opposed to my 100 book goal for 2015), but I still made it to over 75 books! These five books were my favourites from 2016, and I would recommend every single one of these without hesitation. So, which books made the cut? Continue reading

Getting Lost in a Good Book

I’ve truly been enjoying the books that I’ve been reading lately. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m purposely setting aside time to read and relax, or if it’s actually because it happens that I enjoy these books more. Either way, it leads to a happy Historian with more read books! The only unfortunate thing is that I’m back to read more books at once than usual but I’m hoping to capitalise on the reading love. I’m reading physical books, e-books, and back to listening to audiobooks from the library! Here’s what I’ve been loving lately…. Continue reading

Lyrebird and Scrappy Little Nobody Reviews! Spoilers Inside

This is a shorter book post (in terms of the number of books), but one I’ve been waiting to do for months, years if I’m being realistic. I know that there are some people who get excited for movie releases (Stars Wars and Marvel films come to mind), but books are really what I get excited for. Sure, it’s more of a quiet excitement because there typically isn’t a large gathering for a book release, but I get excited nonetheless. I know that the physical vs. ebook debate rages on furiously (as evidenced by every single comment thread on a book post on Facebook), but as someone who will be moving in the next few years who already has too many books, I’ve been buying mostly ebooks! When the big day arrives, I know that the ebook will be loaded into my Kobo library, all ready for me to dive in. Today, you can dive into my reviews! Spoilers ahead…. Continue reading

When It Gets Cold, You Read

This is the time of the year for all of us to be warm and cozy and cuddled up, and there is no better time for reading! The temperature in Winnipeg has dropped pretty rapidly in the last two weeks, and I’m not going out of my way to spend time outside anymore. Fall rain when the weather is freezing is not a delightful prospect for any of us. I’ve not been reading very much in the last month, but I did get through the three of these! I would imagine that there will be another book post coming fairly soon, as I have a handful on the go currently.

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I Admit It- I’m Addicted to Reading

I know that it sounds boring and old but I love being able to sit and read for hours. “It’s your late twenties, now is the time to go out and do things!” My doing things is reading, for the most part. When I find a book that I’m addicted to, and I often do, I read it any chance I get! I know that a lot of readers feel very strongly that “listening to an audiobook does not count as reading a book“. However, to me it is one in the same, and allows me to take in even more books! I love listening to audiobooks while I drive, go for walks, do household tasks, and even while I exercise. My books this time are a mix of regular and audiobooks, and I’m proud of it! Continue reading