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Ornament of the Day 3, Blogmas 2018

I’m back again today with another favourite ornament! I collect ornaments, and I tend to collect ornaments that mean something to me. It might represent one of my passions, one of my hobbies, one of my favourite people or places. All of this is to say that when you look at my ornaments, you will really get a sense of who I am and what is important to me. And what is more important to me than anything else in this world??

Ornament of the Day

That’s right, my puppy, Agnes! For anyone who doesn’t know, I flew to Toronto to pick up Agnes at the end of February 2018. She is a classic Westie, with the pointed ears and carrot tail and complete attitude. I got her after my break up, and if I’m being honest, she is still very much helping me with that. Agnes is all mine, and although she is a stubborn Westie, she loves me with all of her tiny heart and I couldn’t love her more! We are coming up on her first birthday soon (27 December to be specific), and obviously I have a party planned for her. However, she needed her own ornament, as well…

Plaid Westie Ornament

Enter the plaid westie ornament! Agnes and I wore matching plaid for our Christmas card photos, and all of her toys and items are red. So, when I saw a red plaid westie ornament (that isn’t breakable!!), I knew I had to have it. It also turns out that it was made by a friend of a friend, and I love being able to support a local business. I am sure that over the years she will have many more ornaments, but this is the first ornament dedicated solely to Agnes! And for your enjoyment, here is a bonus Agnes pic:

A West Highland White Terrier Puppy

Do you have ornaments on your tree for your pets??

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4 thoughts on “Ornament of the Day 3, Blogmas 2018”

  • I want some more Beagle ornaments, but right now I only have one. It’s kinda hideous. It’s bright gaudy colours and for some reason the beagle is a superhero! I like to have a classically decorated tree so it doesn’t go with ANYTHING, but my brides picked it out for me so I love it anyway! They were so excited to give it to me 😂

    • Westie ornaments are quite difficult to find- it seems if you don’t have a lab, you are out of luck! I have been trawling through ornament pile after ornament pile since Boxing Day trying to find more westies, and no luck. And that is the PERFECT gift!!

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