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My Makeup Staples, Style File Friday

Last week we chatted about how to develop your makeup routine and how you can make it easier on yourself in the morning! Today’s post is all about my own makeup staples and why I love them- I’ve been using all of these items for at least a year, but typically 3-4 years in most cases. Some people can continually rotate through makeup products and have no issue but I tend to break out if I do that, as well as get frustrated when the product acts differently than I expect. These are my top makeup recommendations, and I hope that it can help you in your own searches!

These are my tried and tested, always turn to them, guaranteed delivery makeup staples that have gotten me through days, weeks, and years of honing and perfecting my routine and looks. I have a very polished but light and simple look, and I like having go-to products that I know with certainty will be there for me. Other than my palette, I have used all of these products for at least 4 years, some closer to 10! My years of research are here to help!

Moisture Surge 72 Hour Autoreplenishing Hydrator, Clinique

I use this moisturiser every single morning and evening; I always apply it during and after flights, and there is a permanent travel-sized pot in my purse. This moisturiser is a miracle, and because it is a gel rather than a cream, is so incredibly light. It provides more than enough moisture- it can remove actual cracks in my skin when it is that dry out- but doesn’t ever get so heavy as to cause breakouts. I would say it is on the pricier end for moisturisers at $47 CAD for 50ml, but it lasts me 5-7 months with twice daily use- a fantastic investment! After 5 years of use, I still love this moisturiser infinitely, and I can’t see changing anywhere in the near future.

Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, Maybelline

My grandmother introduced me to this foundation almost 10 years ago, and I still love. I find liquid foundation can be a pain to apply quickly; yes, it tends to give fuller coverage but you also have to take the time to blend it properly. I do enjoy loose powder foundations but depending on a few factors, it can look quite dusty and sometimes gives very light coverage. Henceforth, the mousse foundation! I will apply this with a sponge, but also directly with a clean finger- I use this more as cover up rather than foundation, as I prefer a very light look myself! You can use a thicker application for full coverage though, which is what I do for events. At $11.99 CAD at Walmart and 6 months of use, it is a very affordable foundation.

Naked3 Palette, Urban Decay

I own two palettes, and I’m fairly certain I will never need to buy another palette again- when will I ever use all of this powder?? While my Bare Minerals palette includes eye shadow, blush, and face powder, my Naked3 palette from Urban Decay is strictly eyeshadow! I find that pink eyeshadow looks light but still noticeable; nude shades tend to be a bit too invisible for my taste. Enter the Naked3 Palette! I only use 4ish shades on the lighter end of the palette, but they are perfect for me- there is no little to no kickup (so less wasted product), and it is a gorgeous tone. I also like using the matte shades as blush! (If you are travelling or in a pinch, it’s a great way to eliminate carrying extra products). I find this quite expensive at $64 CAD from Sephora, but given that I’ve used it also near daily for 18 months, and the four shades I continually use still have over half the product left, I would say it is a fantastic investment!

Blushing Blush Powder, Clinique

I am a big fan of light blush; I know the rest of the world is all CONTOUR!!! HIGHLIGHT!!! SHAPE YOUR FACE WITH PRODUCT!!, but that’s not the look I like for myself. For one thing, that adds a lot of time onto your daily makeup routine, and for another, I think that it can be exhausting to continually make yourself look like someone else. A hint of blush is the perfect way to highlight you! While I do enjoy using a cream blush every once in a while, I do prefer a powder blush for my everyday use- Clinique’s Blushing Blush powder goes on lightly, and lasts for hours. I often receive it in Clinique Gift-with-Purchase packs, and the sample size that I receive in it will last a year or more. The full-sized blush that I purchased from the Bay for $29 lasted me a cool 2 years, also with near daily use!

Professional Remarkable Mascara, Covergirl

This is possibly one of the best discoveries I’ve made in the makeup world- this mascara is only $4 CAD from Walmart, and it gives me cleanest and sharpest lashes. I know that everyone wants something different from their mascara. What I am usually looking for is clearly defined lashes with a bit of thickness and a little bit of length; I don’t want eyelashes that look like spider legs, I don’t need a thick bush on my eyelid, just slightly more defined lashes than I actually have. I have tried several Clinique, Bare Minerals, and Estee Lauder mascaras, and none of them even match this mascara, and they are 6-8 times the price. Definitely one of my favourite products ever, and 8 years on, I am still here!! Heads up: this is not a waterproof mascara, so you may want to look at another product if you require that.

What are your makeup staples? What product would you always recommend?

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11 thoughts on “My Makeup Staples, Style File Friday”

  • I’ve been using and loving Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder all summer (it’s so soft and is relatively build-able), but I typically can’t use powder in the winter (hi dry skin), so I think I need to try that mousse foundation. And I’m with you on using blush rather than all-over contouring – although I do sometimes like to use highlighter with the blush. Thank you for sharing your staples! 🙂

    • The price point always makes me a tiny bit uncomfortable (especially given that I only wear 4 shades haha), but it just goes on so nicely!!

  • I need to try that Maybelline foundation. Like you I only like a bit of light coverage and even then I only ever apply it to my nose (I have a perpetually red nose ha). My beauty stable is Bourgois blusher. Do you have Bourgeois over in Canada? Really good consistent quality at affordable prices. Love the brand.

    • I just found it at our local drugstore, Shoppers!! (Well, it’s online haha, but probably not in any of our actual locations here in the boonies of Winnipeg) I’m going to try a few products from them- they are hitting the same price point as Clinique, and none of it is too flashy, which I LOVE! I am very intrigued by the primers, I really struggle to find one that I like!

      • Excellent! I hope you like their stuff. I recommend the Laura Mercier primer. I love it. Again I’m not sure if you get that brand in Canada. Oh and by the way, on your Instagram story I meant to give the photo of your dog maximum love and somehow accidentally gave it the lowest amount! Needless to say I love your dog!

        • Aww haha, Agnes says thank you 😊 I do that all of the time by accident! And we do have Laura Mercier, I will have to pick some up!! I’m terrible at trying new products until I go through a spurt of trying a ton haha!

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