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Hmmmmm, Super Points and/or VIP Points for ebooks?!?

I have owned a Kobo for over five years- I would say I am a loyal Kobo customer! Aside from two academic books on the Kindle app (because they weren’t available elsewhere), all of my ebooks have been purchased on Kobo. And that is probably close to $1,000. If I’m being realistic, more. But more and more things have been starting to stick out at me.
1) There aren’t many Kobo coupons anymore, and 95% plus of them are coupons for a specific list of books. Originally, there were a lot more coupons, and the five big publishers were excluded. Now, if you don’t want a book from a list of specific romance, thriller, and/or sci-fi titles, that coupon is useless. Why aren’t you rewarding your customers, Kobo?

2) The Kobo store is oddly organised- Pride and Prejudice, and other classic novels are listed under “Non-Fiction”, you cannot use broad terms for a successful search, and it is difficult to actually organise a given genre by newest to oldes, as the first 50+ books are pre-orders coming out months from now. I can’t buy a book if I can’t find it, Kobo.

3) You are continually forced into doing updates on both the device and the desktop software. It seems unnecessary and once it needs an update, you HAVE to do it. If I want to grab my Kobo as I’m running out the door, I can’t try to quickly load it.

These things being said, I don’t know if I am ready to leave Kobo. The Kobo store is one of the best for ebooks in Canada, meaning it’s my best shot for finding things. I like the Kobo itself- no glare, excellent battery, I’m familiar and comfortable with it! Kobos are also incredibly handy with different file types. Other than Mobi (Kindle), the Kobo can pretty much handle everything!

Kobo has also finally started a points program recently. You get 1 point for every 10c- which isn’t terrible for a free points program. You can redeem your points for books. Books cost anywhere from 2400-8000 points, so you are slightly at the mercy of the determined pounts value. If you buy a VIP membership for $10/year, you get 1 point for every 5c. I will most likely get that if I stick with Kobo; it would pay for itself quickly.

UPDATE: Got home in the evening and accidentally put my Kobo in the washing machine. Don’t do this, because your kobo won’t work…. Thankfully I have a Mom who has an extra to loan me while my new one arrives!

Does anyone have a Kobo? If yes, do you have the same frustration as me? Does anyone have an e-reader other than a Kobo or a Kindle? Do you have any strong likes or dislikes?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

The Historian

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8 thoughts on “Hmmmmm, Super Points and/or VIP Points for ebooks?!?”

  • I am considering the Aura H2O for my next Kobo! I rarely use my laptop anymore (mostly my Chromebook, which hosts no programs), so loading through a computer is no bueno for me.
    My Kobos can’t take library books (I use my tablet for those), so I look forward to hearing how you like it! And thus far, it has been safe from the washing machine (knock on wood). That was probably my most comical double take when I walked past the spinning load in the window haha!

  • I am new to the Kobo e-reader here in Canada … I ordered up an Aura one … and am still using a Sony e-reader (which I love – but it’s so slow for downloading from the unit itself – and like the Kobo Aura one … it’s still suggested that you download books via your lap top, yadda, yadda, yadda). Anyway, for now, I’m ordering up some books from Kobo … and seeing what it’s all about (I’ve always just used my Sony e-reader for library downloads – but now I’m wanting to “own” a few books rather than return them). I’m hoping you have NOT dropped your last Kobo into the washing machine! That made me laugh. Again, cheers!

    • I own an Aura H20 and wasn’t using it much because of the difficulty it getting library books. Recently came across a website called bookbub which brings up deals on books. It directs you to Free books and other books varying in price from .99 cents to $4 or $5 on average that Kobo offers. I am using my Kobo every day now and I’m happy I bought it.

  • I recently found out I am paying a yearly membership fee that I never asked for or was made aware of. That is a shifty way to run a business. I Gough the Kobo last year thinking I could get books from my public library account. It is so complicated that even the Kobo help couldn’t help me over the phone. I tried to return it for that reason and Best Buy has only a two week return policy so I am stuck with it. No wonder the new Kobo that has Adobe installed on it is flying off the shelves. I am going to sell this one and upgrade to the one with the Adobe loaded on it.

    • I have a love/hate relationship with Kobo; while they do offer the most flexible reader possible, they don’t really tend to treat their customers overly well anymore. I am hoping to upgrade soon to be able to use the Overdrive books. However, charging you for VIP when you didn’t enrol in it is the worst way to treat a customer- if they don’t release you, I would raise it with your bank/credit card company, its a fraudulent charge and Kobo needs to take responsibility. Let me know how you like the new Kobo!!

      • I visited my public library today for help to get library books on my Kobo. I am limited to the Overdrive format which I didn’t know a year ago. Will give it a try this week. I live in Canada and the Kobo call Centre is in Jamaica and found her to be very pleasant. Jamaicans are very calm about things..

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