Kobo vs. Kindle vs. Google Play Books: A Guide to eBooks

The eBook and eReader market is a vast and somewhat overwhelming place these days; it seems like everyone has an eReader and an app and something that apparently sets them apart but probably doesn’t. Today I’m here to wade through the three main competitors in the eReading game: Kobo, Kindle, and Google Play Books. (I don’t own any Apple devices, and from what I can tell, Apple isn’t strong here, so iBooks isn’t included.) Whether you are looking for your first eReader to get yourself started, or you are trying to find the best deals on your favourite authors, or just trying to figure out what the difference is between them, I am here to help!

A Guide to eBooks

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Kobo Audiobooks: The Lowdown So Far

For anyone who is even slightly interested in ereading and audiobooks will know that most companies stick to one or the other. You will have the odd pairing like Kindle and Audible who work together (through their parent company Amazon) but it’s usually one or the other. Well, that has now changed: Kobo has entered the audiobook game! This may not be a big deal to those who aren’t particularly invested in the arena of electronic books but I can assure you that this is huge news. I actually screamed when I saw the post in line at Tim Hortons- the screaming hasn’t stopped yet. So, here is the breakdown and what we know so far:

Kobo Audiobooks

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Kobo Super Points: Review

Over a year ago, I posted about the Kobo Super Points program; now that time has passed, I think that it is time for me to finally post my review! For those who aren’t familiar, Kobo is a dedicated e-reader that boasts an expansive library of books for those of us not in US. (Amazon’s Kindle library is huge in the US, but not so much everywhere else.) I am a huge reader, so I have spent more time than any normal person should researching e-readers…


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Thoughts I Have in Airports

I normally have a lot of thoughts, possibly a weird amount of thoughts. It’s rather like my brain is permanently stuck in Gilmore Girls mode. It’s probably why I can’t sleep ever, my brain is always like “Nope, you are staying awake, you need to think about where you put your green sweater in your closet.” However, I seem to have even more thoughts when I am in airports. I don’t know why, but they multiply.

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Welcome to 2015- My Tech Devices

This is 2015, and clearly technology isn’t going away. We have different devices for different functions- I am one of those people who likes having a different device for each activity,  I prefer things to be separate and organised. However, they do typically all work together! What do I use? Continue reading

Kobo: A Tale of Customer Service

As I have posted before, I currently use Kobo for all of my e-reading needs. I have had some issues with Kobo as a company but overall I like the catalogue and the device/app itself. Henceforth why I knew I needed to grab the Kobo Mini when it was made available!

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Hmmmmm, Super Points and/or VIP Points for ebooks?!?

I have owned a Kobo for over five years- I would say I am a loyal Kobo customer! Aside from two academic books on the Kindle app (because they weren’t available elsewhere), all of my ebooks have been purchased on Kobo. And that is probably close to $1,000. If I’m being realistic, more. But more and more things have been starting to stick out at me. Continue reading