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#24daysoftea (aka David's Tea Advent Calendar)

I love Advent calendars. Even though I’m not particularly religious, they are one of my favourite parts of the holidays! Countdowns make everything more excited, and when you factor in that each day of the countdown means that you receive a tiny gift, it’s the best possible scenario here. Nowadays you can find chocolate Advent calendars, sock Advent calendars (if I was in the US, I would have that Harry Potter sock calendar from Target ASAP), beauty Advent calendars, short story Advent calendars, and everything in between. Well, obviously I was going to choose a tea related calendar- the David’s Tea Advent Calendar!
The David’s Tea Advent Calendar, aka, #24daysoftea, is sold by the Canadian company, David’s Tea, and contains 24 different teas for you to enjoy throughout December. At $45 CAD, I don’t find it a cheap Advent calendar, but it does seem more affordable than many of the luxury and beauty calendars I’ve seen. Each little tin contains enough tea for two cups of tea, and there is a bonus day with a pretty metal star ornament and $5 off of $20 to use in the month of December at David’s!
David's Tea Advent Calendar open
David's Tea Advent Calendar Listings
What I love about this Advent calendar in particular is that it forces you to take some time for yourself- I plan on setting aside 15-20 minutes a day with my mom, and enjoying a cup of tea together! The holidays are a busy time and taking a few moments for yourself each day can’t hurt. Not to say that I don’t enjoy chocolate Advent calendars but the chocolate is gone in a second while cup of tea lasts much longer. The calendar features 24 different teas as I said, A mix of David’s standard teas and holiday specials, which is a wonderful way to try some of their newer and limited edition teas without buying a full 50g! You don’t know which tea you will get each day (unless you peek at the bottom of the pouch) but there is a full listing on the back if you are concerned about allergens! This year in particular offers more of the holiday teas which is a nice change from earlier years when the majority were the permanent teas that you have already tried.
David's Tea Advent Calendar Ornament Coupon
I will be sharing my tea of the day on Instagram stories if you are curious to see what we are drinking!  I will also do a review post later in the month on the newer teas included in the calendar, for anyone who is interested!
David's Tea Advent Calendar Hot Chocolate Puerh
Do you have an Advent calendar? If you do, what kind of Advent calendar? Do you have any daily holiday traditions?
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