Ornament of the Day, # 3

From now until Christmas, I will be sharing my favourite ornaments and their stories every Tuesday and Saturday! I collect ornaments of all kinds- our tree is not a cohesive set of ornaments, bought to be one picture but rather a mish-mash of ornaments that are all over the place but each tell their own story. The ornaments that I will be sharing are ornaments that have a unique story or a special meaning to me, and I hope that you enjoy them!

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#24daysoftea (aka David’s Tea Advent Calendar)

I love Advent calendars. Even though I’m not particularly religious, they are one of my favourite parts of the holidays! Countdowns make everything more excited, and when you factor in that each day of the countdown means that you receive a tiny gift, it’s the best possible scenario here. Nowadays you can find chocolate Advent calendars, sock Advent calendars (if I was in the US, I would have that Harry Potter sock calendar from Target ASAP), beauty Advent calendars, short story Advent calendars, and everything in between. Well, obviously I was going to choose a tea related calendar- the David’s Tea Advent Calendar!

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Style Saturday- 24 October 2015

Today is the day when I will be elegant and sophisticated for our 85th formal! However, those pictures clearly can’t happen yet because it is this evening (stay tuned in the next week for those!). In the meantime, I have slowly been growing my make up collection. Continue reading

Tea Tuesday- Tea for me, because no one seems quite as obsessed as me

(I promise I will post about M and my adventures in Winnipeg for his trip, but being that I write ahead of time, that will probably go up later this week!)

In the last little while, I have received three new teas, and they are fantastic 🙂 They are a little different from the other teas I have, and I am quite enjoying them! What teas are they, you ask??
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