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Christmas Tree Hunting, Travel Thursday

Although I often travel fairly lengthy distances, sometimes really short trips are not so bad either. A short drive to an afternoon away can be preferable to driving to the airport, scanning through security, waiting hours for your flight, actually flying, layovers, and whatever else might need to happen. Living in the prairies isn’t necessarily the most exciting path you could choose, but there are a few hidden gems that make the extreme cold all worth it. One of my favourite local trips all year is when we go to pick up our Christmas trees from a tree farm not too far from us! 
If you couldn’t already tell, me and my whole family love Christmas. I mean, I definitely spearhead the Christmas spirit but everyone still gets into it! Because we always have real Christmas trees, we typically don’t get them and put them up until mid-December. It’s usually done in one fell swoop- picked up on Saturday, and put up and decorated on Sunday. It’s a quiet sort of beautiful at the tree farm that we visit, and I kind of wish that I could go a couple of times.
Rows on rows on rows of Christmas trees- ain’t that the dream!
While our living room tree is usually about 12 foot tall, I pick out a regular 5-6 foot tree for my loft! The 12 foot tree is shipped from a tree farm in Quebec, but we get to pick out and cut down our smaller tree. This tree from last year was fairly perfect in an imperfect way; I think I can attain that again! Maybe this year I will actually try to cut it down myself…
The petting zoo is pretty awesome- it’s not incredibly huge but all of the animals are pretty friendly, and have personality…
Like this sassy donkey! If you are looking for a blog name, perhaps The Sassy Donkey? It’s got pizzazz!
I don’t know that I’ve seen a happier goat than this one. I mean, I don’t look at goats a lot but when I have they seem kind of medium on the happiness scale.
Less happiness now, and more attitude. I guess you can’t expect them to maintain a particular mood…
After we finish collecting our tall tree and cutting the small tree and visiting the animals, we usually have lunch (with hot chocolate and Christmas cookies) inside the barn! What kind of tree farm would it be without having a tree inside?
I suppose that this would be called a (very short) staycation, and it’s one of my favourite yearly holiday traditions! Are you a fan of staycations? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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