Why You Should Get Involved With Your Community

I think that there are certain times in your life when it is easier to get involved in your community than others; when you are a student, there are countless student groups offering you free food and goodies to join, and when you are a parent, by the nature of most activities you have a quasi-group of parents who have to attend and volunteer at the same things that you do. However, many of us don’t fall into either of those groups, and I think that that is the best time to get involved and make a difference! And yes, it benefits your community, but it also benefits you…

The Benefits of Volunteering

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Junior Circle Takes on Take Pride

I am thankful that the other members of Junior Circle are as passionate about philanthropy as I am. Our chapter doesn’t do a lot of philanthropy events, and hasn’t in the seven years since I pledged. (Eep, I’m getting on in years.) We find different ways to give back and make a difference in our communities- to several different causes. Continue reading

A Little Animal Love

For my newer readers that don’t know, I wholeheartedly love all animals! My brother’s husky Loki, my boyfriend’s Westie Daisy, and the rabbits I volunteer with at the Humane Society every week go a long way in keeping me happy and grounded. Continue reading

Fraternity Friday- Back to normal

As 85th was two weeks ago, Junior Circle is still slowly recovering from the months-long period of insanity! And I have to say, we are doing fairly well. Continue reading

Essentially, the theme of my life is planning.

I apologise for the MIA-status as of lately, life has been busy busy busy! I just got home from International Reunion Day, for our local Alpha Gamma Delta chapter. In the hectic-ness of everything, I neglected to take pictures, but everything turned out well! Continue reading