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Blogs I Read- January 2016

First instalment of Blogs I Read in 2016! I still love doing this series, as it gives me a chance to intensively look at the blogs I’ve been reading lately, and hopefully it introduces you to some blogs that you don’t normally read. Without further adieu: 1.Pretty Purple Polka Dots 

Aoife’s blog is mostly book reviews, with a smattering of lifestyle posts mixed in! It is perfect for the lifestyle blog reader, or the reader blog reader, and will certainly be a bright spot in your day. Favourite Posts? Review: Giving Out Yards- The Art of Complaint, Irish Style, and When Celtic Languages Collide!

2. How to Be Myself

Jillian posts mostly in lifestyle, which I think means that there is something for everyone! She is a wonderful writer, and she is so supportive of her fellow bloggers (something that I appreciate more than anything!). She also has a love for dogs, which gets me every time. Favourite Posts? Holiday Gift Guide: Kate Spade Edition and A Brand New Shiba Inu!

3. History Comes to Life

Beth can publish more than five posts a day, all images of different historical artefacts or written texts. As a historian, I find these endlessly fascinating, and I am fortunate that she is willing to share these! She is in no way limited to one area of history, so there is something for everyone. Favourite posts? A Crown Fit for a Queen of Sweden and The Tara Brooch! (Personal anecdote: if you are in Dublin, definitely take the time to visit the National Museum of Ireland on Kildare St, you will not regret it!!)

4. She’s Not Beautiful

I only recently found Miranda’s blog, but following her senior year in college is a bit of jump back in time for me! She weaves her own style and health posts into her journey to graduate, and her personality really shines through her writing. Favourite Posts? Something New, Something Red and Surviving College!

5. Franish

I’m positive that many of you already read Franish, but Fran is a med student completing her residency and sharing her style wisdom. I love that Fran is willing to be 100% honest, and that budgeting is a big part of her blog. (Bloggers that are gifted items are lucky ducks, but I think that the purchase price does realistically factor into our feelings about our clothing and beauty items!) Favourite posts? How To: Set a Clothing Budget and Stick to It and Holes in My Closet!

Honourable Mention: Life Between Reads

Lauren and Kiesha host a wonderful book blog, with features like Top Ten Tuesday! They read a variety of adult and YA fiction, as well as non-fiction, and you can always find a great recommendation! Favourite posts? Top Ten Bookish Resolutions and Read It, Watched It: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon!

Please let me know if you visit any of the blogs, and if you have any recommendations for me!!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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