Book Guide to Queen Victoria

Today is Victoria Day in Canada! For anyone who doesn’t know, Victoria Day is the third Monday in May and is a public holiday (woo-hoo long weekends!). It’s also the day that Canada officially celebrates the Sovereign’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!) Although an era was named after her, I don’t know that most people actually know that much of her. In honour of the monarchy and Queen Victoria, I’ve decided to share some of my favourite books about Victoria herself- she was a compelling monarch and she makes for a very interesting read!

Guide to Queen Victoria

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Banff Cemetery Walk, Travel Thursday

Being the historian and nerd that I am, of course I sought out some way to learn more of the history of Banff. I’ve already been to the Banff Museum and I wanted to find more of the organic history of the town. While I am not overly interested in Canadian history (far too new for me), I do find the history of mountain and railroad towns quite fascinating- the elite classes of these towns led interesting and complicated lives that are often swept up into the history of the railroad and the mines. So, one afternoon we set out to learn a little more about Banff!

Old Banff Cemetery Walk

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History is for the cool kids!

As my name implies, I’m kind of full up with history! I have two undergraduate and a Masters degree in history, and although I’m not currently working in the field, I am still doing my own private research and many of the books I read are histories. I firmly believe that history is alive and exciting, and accessible to everyone. Today’s post is all about the fun in history and how we all can enjoy it without copious amounts of studying and lectures!

History is for the Cool Kids!.jpg

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Casa Loma, Travel Thursday

Another #throwbackThursday for Travel Thursday this week- in January of 2014 my mom and I visited my Dad in Toronto, and although we’ve been there quite a few times we always seem to find something to occupy our time. My favourite stop on that trip was certainly when we visited Casa Loma, an honest to goodness Edwardian castle located in Toronto proper. Built by a wealthy business of the time, Casa Loma is a well-known landmark in Toronto and is used for various functions, weddings, and movie shoots. They do also let history nerds such as myself wander through, and I took full advantage!( My apologies for some of the photo quality- they were shot a year before this blog became a thing, and with a new phone I was trying to figure out.) Continue reading

When It Gets Cold, You Read

This is the time of the year for all of us to be warm and cozy and cuddled up, and there is no better time for reading! The temperature in Winnipeg has dropped pretty rapidly in the last two weeks, and I’m not going out of my way to spend time outside anymore. Fall rain when the weather is freezing is not a delightful prospect for any of us. I’ve not been reading very much in the last month, but I did get through the three of these! I would imagine that there will be another book post coming fairly soon, as I have a handful on the go currently.

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Travel Thursday, Fort Casey and Fort Ebey

Port Townsend was my last full day in Washington, and we were actually able to hit a few different spots throughout the day. I’ve come to realise that Washington is full of many, many state parks. I have also come to realise that Washington’s history is actually pretty diverse than what I originally thought- not just a later developing west coast area, but rather rich with military and maritime history. It doesn’t hurt that most of these parks are gorgeous forests with spectacular ocean views… While I wouldn’t spend a whole day in either of these parks (if you are outdoorsy, you might), it was wonderful to take some time to see what they were about!

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Travel Thursday, Edinburgh Castle

When I lived in Ireland, my mom came to visit me for a week! It was a jam packed week and we did quite a few things, but one of my favourite parts was our trip to Edinburgh. For anyone who is interested in Royal history or Scottish history (both of which I am), Edinburgh is a fascinating city. Although it has played host to some utterly fantastic events (see: Lord Darnley’s death), it still seemed quite a quiet and peaceful city. We stayed within the Royal Mile. While there is so much more to be explored, we wanted to see pretty much everything on the Mile, and we only had two days! We figured we might as well focus on that rather than running ourselves ragged. On the Tuesday, we walked up the Mile and started with Edinburgh Castle.  Continue reading

Audiobooks, Ebooks, Library Books, Books, Books, Books

I have really been utilising all of the reading avenues available to me! Ihave been borrowing from the library like mad, I have been borrowing audiobooks and ebooks on the Overdrive and Hoopla apps (through the library), and making my way through books I’ve purchased myself. At the time of writing, I am in Banff!! So, you might notice that I am partway through my reading list for this weekend. Continue reading

May Long Reading!

For anyone brand new to my blog today, I’m heading to Banff for the May Long Weekend! My Favourite Places travel series will resume next Thursday! We have 13 hours of driving each way, and I will mostly be reading and relaxing while I am there with Loki! If it rains, as is to be expected, I don’t plan on wandering about to be soaked for no reason. So, I headed to the library and stocked up for the trip! Continue reading