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Blogmas 2017: It’s finally happening!! Well, if I’m being honest, it’s already rather started. Blogmas is the most wonderful time of year for bloggers like myself who happen to be entirely enthralled by Christmas- it’s a full month of posts to celebrate the holiday season! Because things will be a touch different in December, I thought that I would give a bit of an update and background info so you know what to expect! Happy Blogmas, everyone- it’s here!!
Blogmas 2017

Theoretically Blogmas should be holiday themed posts for the month of December. While most of my posts are related to the holidays, there will be some that aren’t related to the holidays to keep just a tiny bit of sanity. There is going to be a mix of recipes, DIY gifts, decorations, Christmas traditions, holiday style, and other things!
Ravenclaw Christmas Tree
I will be back to posting every day from now (well, last week technically) until the end of December, and then will resume my M, W, Th, F, Sun schedule in January! Tuesday and Saturdays are going to be an Ornament of the Day- the story behind one of my favourite ornaments from my tree.
squirrel ornaments
I’ve already started the Blogmas train, you can see the posts from this year here:
Preparing for the Holidays, Part I
Preparing for the Holidays, Part II
Christmas Prep: Craft Sales
Butter Tarts, Make It Monday
Peppermint Trifle, Make It Monday
The Distraction of Christmas?
The Shoebox Project

Please let me know if you are participating in Blogmas in the comments, and leave your blog so we can all enjoy! And please let me know if there are any posts you want to see! 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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