Blogmas 2017: It’s finally happening!! Well, if I’m being honest, it’s already rather started. Blogmas is the most wonderful time of year for bloggers like myself who happen to be entirely enthralled by Christmas- it’s a full month of posts to celebrate the holiday season! Because things will be a touch different in December, I thought that I would give a bit of an update and background info so you know what to expect! Happy Blogmas, everyone- it’s here!!

Blogmas 2017

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Canadian Thanksgiving, Make It Monday

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Canadians (and anyone else who wishes to celebrate)! Although a lot of the world thinks that Canada and the US do everything together, our Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October, instead of the fourth Thursday of November, and that is today!! Time to enjoy a cornucopia of different foods and sink into a food coma that is worthy of the longest nap possible. I thought I would share what exactly we have for Thanksgiving dinner, as there is a wide variety in what people actually have!

Canadian Thanksgiving, Make It Monday

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Preparing for the Holidays… Part I, September

I know, I know, I will have pumpkins and leaves and scarves thrown at me with screams of “IT’S STILL FALL, HALLOWEEN HASN’T EVEN HAPPENED” but depending on how big your holiday celebrations are, you may have to start getting the wheels in motion now. There are less than 90 days until Christmas day, and putting in a little bit of time now makes the world of difference in eliminating some of the heavy-duty stress later on- you can do things at your own pace rather than running around Christmas at the Kranks style.

Holiday Prep,Part I,- September

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Books For… When You Have the Day Off!

For many of my Canadian and American readers, Monday, 20 February is a day off! And for anyone that it isn’t, today is still Sunday and a day off for most. Sure, Netflix is always there for a good binge but it’s time to step away from Netflix and grab a book. While I love digging into a lengthy and winding book, sometimes I prefer a book that I can dive into for the day to escape and finish my journey before I have to head back to the real world. I think that each of these could be read in a quiet day (or less)  and will keep you reading!  Continue reading

Planning For Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day, a creation of Leslie Knopes, is a day to celebrate your friendships and enjoy your time with your girlfriends. While I do think that the world has far too many “holidays” that aren’t actually holidays, I love that we finally are coming around to a day to celebrate with your friends! I don’t think that you need to pull a Lesli and cross stitch a pillow of newspaper headlines for your friends, but I think that between now and February 13, you can make some plans for you and your girlfriends for a worthwhile evening!


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The Luxury of an Extra Day Off

Ahhh, to be so lucky as to have an extra day off! Here in Manitoba, we have today off as Louis Riel day- an interesting figure in our provincial history that I might do a post on if enough people are interested. In the rest of Canada, I believe it is known as Family Day (BC’s Family Day was last Monday)! No matter what, it is a day off from work! Continue reading

Office Secret Santa- The End Result (Blogmas #14)

In my earlier Secret Santa post, I covered how my office takes Secret Santa fairly seriously. We have a detailed list of information to fill out to help our Santa out. Welllllll, I got Kermit* (name changed to protect identity but preserve his love of Muppets), who decided to put beer/wine/moonshine, and cookies/sandwiches/burgers. However, not cats, because Kermit has asthma and it would give him an asthma attack. Hmmmmmm, what to do, what to do, what to do. Continue reading