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An Historian… Round Up, Oct 2017!

I know that round up posts take on a variety of forms and functions for bloggers; some use it as a round up of their own posts, of other bloggers’ posts, of unrelated things, really whatever you want it to be. Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to try it out and share my favourite articles, videos, podcasts, shows, and whatever else I’m interested in- hopefully you
Monthly Round Up, Oct 2017

imageVia the Irish Times

A History of the World in Five Typefaces 

I know that as a historian, we often find things fascinating that really don’t affect anyone nowadays, but every once in a while there is something that really does touch all of us. In this technology-saturated age, that would be fonts (aka typefaces). This Irish Times article looks at five different typefaces, and the differences that they each made. It’s quick but interesting and is a great piece for anyone interested in planning/bullet journalling/fonts!

Via Pottermore

In Defense of Igor Karkaroff 

For anyone who doesn’t already know this, Pottermore is an online community run by JK Rowling (and her most likely large team) to give us even more information and insight into Harry and his world, which we so dearly love. The book club discusses each book chapter by chapter on Twitter (which I wholly recommend reading along with), but they also have think pieces and essays on any number of topics. This month’s essay is a look at Igor Karkaroff, arguably one of the baddest figures to ever visit Hogwarts- an interesting look at a horrible man. And next month is going to look at Rita Skeeter!! (We all want to read that, admit it…)

Star Wars Yoga

I forgot just how much I love Star Wars yoga- this is a short but fun yoga sequence that will get your blood pumping and your muscles stretched out (and some calories burned) and will still get you on your way! Erica is great at talking you through the yoga poses and movements, and the Star Wars references make it fun for just about anyone! If you are looking for a way to get into yoga, or need a break from your regular yoga routine, give this a try.

The Time Traveller’s Guide to Restoration Britain: Life in the Age of Samuel Pepys, Isaac Newton, and the Great Fire of London, Ian Mortimer

Even though I have multiple degrees in history and focused on English history in my undergrad, I am still fascinated by it and am excited and interested in new pop history books that come out in the field! Ian Mortimer’s Time Traveller’s Guides are a fantastic way to get a fun and fast overview of a period, and often uncover things that an academic historian might not come across in their own research. I was wandering through a bookstore last weekend and I finally saw this in person, and it looks like I have to have it! (Wednesday is going to be a book post, so I will have more recommendations for you 🙂 )
Hallmark Countdown to Christmas

Hallmark Countdown to Christmas 2017

I had to get one holiday related link in, and I’m not a Halloween fan- Hallmark has their Countdown to Christmas 2017 live on their site, and I couldn’t be more excited. Cheesy holiday movies are one of my favourite things- I can always relax, it usually ends with Christmas morning, and they usually have a few hilarious moments that only come with a Hallmark movie. Every year I think that they can’t outdo themselves, and then they release even more new and fantastic movies to entertain us and let us escape. Woo-hoooooooooo, it’s starting!
What are you reading and watching lately? 
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