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3 Podcasts Everyone Should Be Listening To

I am a huge audiobook and podcast fan- I love listening to them while I do pretty much anything. Laundry, dishes, running, commuting, travelling, pretty much anything is the perfect background for listening to a podcast. I tend to listen to all available episodes when I find a new podcast, and then once I’m caught up, I have my weekly episode to enjoy. Because finding a good podcast is actually pretty difficult, I spend a lot of time looking up recommendations and “if you like THIS, you will like THAT,”- these are my current recommendations that I think most people would enjoy!
3 Podcast Recsfor Everyone

In case you are new to podcasts, podcasts are essentially radio shows that you can download onto your phone, tablet, or computer (or stream them). Anyone can create and publish them, so you will find podcasts from one person to some friends to a radio network to a podcast network, and even from magazines and newspapers. If you are interested in a certain television show, you will most likely find someone(s) who will discuss it at length. Ditto for sports, books, history, language, travel, DIY, and the list goes on! I love them for my commute, running/exercise, housework, and really anything else I’m doing. If you are Android, you can use the Google Play Music app for podcasts; Apple, there is the Podcast app. If you want something else, Podcast Addict, Stitcher, Podbay, and any number of apps to suit your fancy!
Awesome Etiquette
I’ve already chatted about my love of Awesome Etiquette, but I think it bears repeating again and again! Awesome Etiquette is a 30-60 minute weekly podcast where the co-presidents of the Emily Post Institute, Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning, answer a huge variety of etiquette questions sent in by listeners via letter, email, Facebook, and Twitter. Both are in their thirties and are very much grounded in the real world where practicality is crucial- it’s all very straightforward and honest etiquette advice that anyone could use. They emphasise consideration/compassion, respect, and honesty above all else! (I find that they are similar to me in the honesty vein; a lot of people attempt to dance around things to avoid hurting people, but in doing that and not being honest, you will often hurt people far more.) I do also enjoy that they are willing to say when a listener is wrong, albeit in a respectful manner- I find a lot of podcasters aren’t willing to actually do that. Their Post-Script segment where they delve into a piece of Post family or etiquette history is also a lot of fun, and gives you insight into the stereotypes of Emily that exist out there!
Thinking Sideways
I recently discovered this podcast, but it has been around for years- this is an unsolved mystery podcast that I think truly has something for everyone! They cover a huge range of unsolved mysteries: murders, missing people, mysterious sounds in the ocean, conspiracies, websites, and the list goes on. (Mysteries and cases have to be inactive for 5 years to be discussed, to avoid researching and discussing a case that is solved in the meantime.) Devin, Joe, and Steve all host; one will take the lead on hosting for the episode, and will run through the mystery itself and all of the surrounding theories. This is where it succeeds where other podcasts fail for me- it is a straightforward discussion of what the theories are and why they believe that they are accurate or not because of the evidence that they have shared. They aren’t usually too gruesome and if they are, they do give a brief warning so that you can avoid it or skip forward if you do. Older episodes from the beginning are between 25 and 40 minutes, but the later half of the catalogue are typically between 60 and 120 minutes, which give you a lot of time to delve into the mystery.

Thinking Sideways Podcast
Via Stitcher

Fashion Unzipped 
This is the one slightly more niche podcast that I’m going to recommend here, but I think that it is perfect for anyone! One of my personal pet peeves is when people dismiss style and fashion like it is pointless- it will always send a message about you to the people around you. (Even if that message is “I don’t care about clothing”, it’s still a message…) People go out of their way to stay up to date on news and sports and books, and this podcast is the best way to stay up to date with the biggest news in the style world, as well as tackle very regular questions that we all have, such as “what should I wear to a wedding?”! Although it is from The Telegraph, it isn’t particularly political, and the things that they talk about really do connect with larger issues and trends in society, making it a useful podcast for anyone to listen to. They are typically between 25 and 35 minutes, so aren’t too much of a time investment. Also, just on a sheerly pragmatic note, there are few podcasts about style available, so it is pretty incredible that one of the few available is of this high quality.
Via The Telegraph

If you listen to podcasts, what is your favourite podcast that you think everyone should listen to? 
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