History in the Making

History in the Making

Travel Thursday, University of Washington

As I mentioned last week with my Greek Row post, the University of Washington is an absolutely gorgeous campus. Even though it was a weirdly hot day for Washington, and the 33°C weather probably slowed us down a little bit, I had a blast walking around campus with M! We took the light rail to the University, and then walked all through campus, to Greek Row, and then through University Village. It’s too bad I wasn’t wearing my Fitbit that Saturday, or I might have had a whole new daily step record on my hands! Taking Greek Row out of it, today’s post is all about our walk through the U of W campus…

Of course when you walk cross the street from the station and walk up to campus, this is what you see. Gorgeous rolling lawns: dotted by benches and flowers, lined by gigantic trees, with beautiful old buildings waiting for you at the end. There were a fair number of students wandering about with their parents, and it took me back to the night before I started University when I drove around my campus with my mom. Oh, how the past pulls us back in… (It’s almost been ten years since I started university, that’s a little scary…)

University of Washington Rolling Lawns
When you walk down the lawns, you are meet with the sight of numerous gorgeous, old buildings that give you the impression of an Ivy League school. It’s clear why the University of Washington is on the list of public Ivies, as it’s a pretty freaking impressive setting to study in. I would pull a Rory Gilmore and study outside under a tree every single day if I went to school here.
University of Washington Campus 2
This beautiful fountain/garden area is also fairly beautiful. I have to hand it to US universities, I find that their upkeep and landscaping is breathtaking! I can’t get over the fact that there is a spectacular, manicured, English style garden in the middle of campus- it would be destroyed by trampling feet quickly here. If you weren’t sure if you want to see this campus, these next few photos will convince you otherwise.
University of Washington Fountain
University of Washington Gardens
University of Washington Campus 1
The detailing on these buildings blows me away- this is the kind of building that you would expect to see at Cambridge or Oxford, not on the West Coast! I am a little jealous of the history students who get to study here. Someone, please tell me: is it easier to study the past in a building that looks like these??
University of Washington History Building
Annnnnnd the Suzzallo Library- the entire reason that I wanted to come to the University of Washington campus. Interestingly, this was started in 1926 and only completed in 1963. It is breathtaking from every angle, inside and out. No details were spared, nothing was left off. Originally, I thought that it was a super elaborate campus church, but nope, this a library! The reading room is the gorgeous, old school style side that you see now, and the library stacks are essentially the same as any other university.
Suzzallo Library Exterior, University of Washington
Spend some time here to feel like you are a Hogwarts student!
Suzzallo Library Full, University of Washington
Suzzallo Library Selfie, University of Washington
Suzzallo Library Ceiling, University of Washington
Can I hang out in here?? Where does this door lead? What has happened in this little cupboard? So many questions from this one door.
Suzzallo Library Details, University of Washington
Suzzallo Library, Reading Room Entrance, University of Washington
Suzzallo Library Staircase, University of Washington
I need to find these husky lampposts. And in a westie design, as well. While it might seem a little silly, you have to appreciate how they meld so many facets of their identity into one design factor.
Husky Lamppost, University of Washington
Yes, that’s me standing beside a husky statue at the Dawg Pack  Entrance of the Husky Stadium. I’m fairly certain that this is Loki’s dream, and while their real live Dubs mascot is a malamute, NOT A HUSKY, I love how passionate everyone is about their alma mater!
Husky Stadium, Dawg Pack Entrance, University of Washington
After Greek Row, we made our way to University Village, a shopping village that is probably one of the most expensive “aimed at student” areas that I have ever seen. I can’t say that I ever needed a Tiffany’s store near me while studying… We stopped by the Amazon bookstore to take a look- very cool, though not anywhere close to as big as I thought it would be.


We wandered throughout the entire village, and I would love to spend more time here. It’s clean and open and just looks like a lot of fun- see this adorable brass frogs with a turtle!
University Village, Seattle, Frog Sculpture
Of course, the shop that caught my eye was the cupcake shop: Trophy Cupcakes! The shop is small and quite frankly, looked a little empty, but I was able to procure 4 beautiful and delicious cupcakes. I loved the cupcake- the cupcake itself was moist and light, and the icing was not overly sweet. The Neopolitan was possibly the best cupcake that I have ever had, which I know is a big claim. There are Trophy locations in a few different parts of Seattle- if you are visiting, you have to go check it out!!
Trophy Cupcakes University Village
Trophy Cupcake Box
Trophy Cupcakes
Overall, this was a fantastic day! A beautiful campus, a ton of walking, a lot of Vitamin D, and cupcakes- what more could you ask for?
Which collegiate campus do you think is the most beautiful? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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