Seattle Public Library, Travel Thursday

The Seattle Public Library is a quite a dominating building, which is impressive given that it is surrounded by several skyscrapers. Although it is only 11 stories, compared to the seventy or more around it, it’s a very cool and modern building that is worth a visit if you are in Seattle! It’s free to enter, it’s close to the wharf and downtown shopping, and it’s accessible by public transportation. Time to head to the library!

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 Seattle Mariners Game, Travel Thursday

My family (like a lot of Canadian families) are huge hockey fans. We watch the season from the draft to the last playoff game, and sprinkle in the World Junior’s, Olympics, and World Championships. M’s family are just into baseball, and while they are Yankees fans, now that they live in Seattle are also cheering for the Mariners. The Mariners might not be the best team in the league but they are always fun to watch and it’s a fun ballpark to spend the evening in. I have to say, this was the most exciting baseball game that I’ve ever been to!

Seattle Mariners Travel Thursday

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Seattle Sneak Peak, Travel Thursday

I just got back from a short but wonderful trip to Seattle to see M! Great weather, delicious food, and more steps logged on my Fitbit than I’ve seen in a long time. I’m getting all of the posts ready and editing my pictures this weekend, but I wanted to share my favourite snapshots throughout the trip. Each of these stood out to me in one way or another, and have a small story behind them. In the next few weeks, I’ll share the full trip but I hope that you enjoy this sneak peak!

Seattle Sneak Peak

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Travel Thursday, Seattle and Washington

All in all, I had an absolutely fantastic trip to Washington! It was my fourth trip to see M there, and I’m finally starting to feel comfortable there. I’m remembering where things are, I have favourites, and I can see myself living there. These are some of my favourite pictures of the trip; they aren’t necessarily big moments but they are memories, and I’m excited to share them today!  Continue reading

Travel Thursday, Harry Potter Gingerbread Village

Whenever M and I visit each other, we really try to get out into the city and do something! For this trip into Seattle, we decided to stay in the city overnight- it can make for a very long night to catch the shuttle back to Whidbey Island, and you have to make sure you are leaving the city by a specific time. We chose to stay at the Sheraton in Downtown Seattle, which is in a great location that is close to everything downtown! (Five minute walk to Pike Place, ten tops if you are walking slowly.) We were very lucky that while we were staying there, there was a gingerbread village, a gingerbread village with each “house” decorated for one of the Harry Potter books!

Harry PotterGingerbread Village,Travel Thursday

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Travel Thursday- Woodland Park Zoo

Finally, the last of my Seattle posts! M is a wonderful boyfriend and always entertains my wish to go to the zoo in every city that I visit. I don’t know why, but I love zoos. I love them. I love going early or late, and seeing the animals quietly relaxing. Woodland Park Zoo is close to the University of Washington, and is a large, spacious zoo that embraces natural terrain and forests. I personally enjoy that you start your trip by parking in the Flamingo parking lot. I embrace every part of zoo experience, and get excited like a small child! I love wandering for hours and getting snacks and reading all of the signs. It is a peaceful but exciting way to lose yourself for a few hours and spend some time with some badass animals.  Continue reading

Travel Thursday: Queen Anne Neighbourhood, Seattle 

Queen Anne Hill is a fairly well-to-do neighbourhood in Seattle that is mostly composed of a giant hill (as you would think). The original reason that I wanted to see it was because M saw a woman walking a Westie and a pug together and I was set on finding them. Turns out that I did not see a single Westie or pug, but once I had started researching the neighbourhood, it became clear that it is beautiful and historic neighbourhood and certainly worth a trip there. I don’t have any pictures of the hike up, mostly because I was all red from the heat and the hiking, and I didn’t have any extra energy to take pictures. This prairie girl was almost bested by the hill!

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Travel Thursday, University of Washington

As I mentioned last week with my Greek Row post, the University of Washington is an absolutely gorgeous campus. Even though it was a weirdly hot day for Washington, and the 33°C weather probably slowed us down a little bit, I had a blast walking around campus with M! We took the light rail to the University, and then walked all through campus, to Greek Row, and then through University Village. It’s too bad I wasn’t wearing my Fitbit that Saturday, or I might have had a whole new daily step record on my hands! Taking Greek Row out of it, today’s post is all about our walk through the U of W campus… Continue reading

Holiday Vacation: Seattle, Day 1

My trip was December 26 to January 5, giving us a huge amount of time together!M, his brothers, and I headed into Seattle on the first Monday that I was there! I was able to get Delta to hold my suitcase instead of sending it out with UPS to take 2-3 days, and we went to pick it up first! Delta was helpful, and quite fast with bringing out my bag. We left the car at the airport and took the light rail into the city! We wanted to stay in the city long enough to wait out the rush hour traffic, so we had quite some time in Seattle. We wandered, shopped, and finally went up the Space Needle! 
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