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Seattle Sneak Peak, Travel Thursday

I just got back from a short but wonderful trip to Seattle to see M! Great weather, delicious food, and more steps logged on my Fitbit than I’ve seen in a long time. I’m getting all of the posts ready and editing my pictures this weekend, but I wanted to share my favourite snapshots throughout the trip. Each of these stood out to me in one way or another, and have a small story behind them. In the next few weeks, I’ll share the full trip but I hope that you enjoy this sneak peak!
Seattle Sneak Peak

Cruz bobble head mariners
We went to the Saturday night Mariner’s game- it was Nelson Cruz bobblehead night and did he deliver. Arguably, Mike Zunino had a slightly better game but they won 9-2 over the Tampa Bay Rays. It was a fantastic game and pretty action packed. (If you saw my ice cream pic on Instagram, you will understand the food situation!)
spring flowers
These rhododendron bushes on Whidbey Island were just so beautiful. Yes, they attract bees but I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing these days! I really was surprised by how vibrant and beautiful they reaslly were.
Seattle Public Library
Normally I gravitate towards historic styles of architecture, but the strikingly modern design of the Seattle Public Library is worth a visit. It was slightly overcast while we were there but it was still an interesting trip up to the tenth floor to look out!
Dog House Tavern Langley
The Dog House is a tavern in Langley (on Whidbey Island) that currently isn’t in use. It’s got a saloon-y feel from the outside, but it needs someone to restore it and make it structurally sound again. Should you be looking for an investment or project, this should be close to the top of your list- the cove behind it is perfect for whale watching and the town is a cute, seaside town that gets a lot of visitors. Something to consider…
Goop Nordstrom seattle
Ah, Goop, the bizarre web arm of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle… business?…. Goop currently has a pop-up shop in the downtown Seattle Nordstrom and I needed to grab a picture. (Apologies for the following crudeness) I’m sorry, anyone who promotes steaming a vagina is certifiably nuts and should not be allowed to defile Nordstrom…
What stands out to you when you are travelling? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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2 thoughts on “Seattle Sneak Peak, Travel Thursday”

  • I had to google goop for days to figure this out. Gwennie curates it? ROFL.
    What is the world coming to? Glad to know she thinks 200 dollars metallic gladiator sandals are all the rage.

    • But if GP says it is cool, surely we must buy it??? ? What really amazed me was the people lined up to pay there- I guess they just had tooooo much money and had to find something to spend it on haha

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