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History in the Making

The 3 Most Interesting Style Podcasts, Style File Friday

Although podcasts have really hit their second stride in the last 2-3 years, there are a few subject areas that are really lacking in podcasts, style being one of them. I have spent hours searching for style podcasts, and there are surprisingly few of them available. However, these three are my absolute favourites right now, as they are fun, fascinating, and best of all, fashionable. All three feature two or more hosts, lending a conversational and friendly tone to the episodes, every host is well-informed but also ready to learn, and between the three of them, pretty much every fashion and style related topic imaginable is covered! So grab your phone and earbuds, and get ready to listen…
Most InterestingStyle Podcasts

Everyone wants something different from their podcasts- some people want to be informed, some people want to be entertained, some people want to escape, and thankfully, all three of these podcasts let me do all of these things! You can subscribe to your favourite podcasts through Google Play, the Apple Store, Stitcher, or any number of other apps. I’ve linked each podcast’s website here, where you can play episodes through your browser and learn more about each show!

Fashion Unzipped Podcast

I’ve quickly written about Fashion Unzipped before but I wanted to include it here because it is obviously a style related podcast! One of the shorter podcasts I listen to, typically clocking in somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes per episode, this is from The Telegraph, and features editors and journalists who work on style and beauty, which is a nice balance. (A lot of style podcasts/blogs will ignore beauty, and vice versa, when the industries overlap in a big way.) There are 3-4 hosts in an episode, and I love that there is a mix of nationalities, ages, and lifestyles, as what appeals to me as a late 20s single woman is not what may appeal to a mid 40s mother. It’s also very interesting to hear their discussion of the various fashion weeks, as they do attend them all between the hosts. Although us common folks will typically never see the light of a runway, it’s great fun to hear what the shows are actually like, what the behind the scenes and reality of fashion week is actually like, and what trends may be coming our way in the next however many months! One particular aspect that I enjoy about Fashion Unzipped is that they recognise the inherent bias in their position; in one episode they discuss conscious consumerism but then needing to write an article about the best after-holiday sales at the same time. It is a dichotomy that most industry insiders don’t touch on, and it is becoming ever more important!

Via The Telegraph

Pop Fashion Podcast 

Oh, Kaarin and Lisa. You two just get me. These two friends host possibly one of the most refreshing and entertaining podcasts that I have discovered in my 9 years of listening- every week they catch us up on major fashion and retail news and break down what that means for the style industry, as well as the economy and for the average consumer. Kaarin worked as a stylist for years while Lisa owned a vintage store before moving to journalism, so I very much appreciate the flip side that they often provide. (As a regular consumer, I have never had to think about what a store owner has to consider when buying, pricing, and selling items, and it plays such a large part in our shopping experience!) I also love that while they promote conscious consumerism, they also recognise that you have to do what is right for your lifestyle and budget. So, while I love that they discuss and share ways to be more sustainable and ethical in your style and beauty choices, they don’t shame you for having to buy things from H&M or the Gap . They are also entirely honest about what is going on in their lives, including relationships, family life, and even health- it’s refreshing to see people who are so honest, and it makes me want to listen to the podcast (and tell everyone about it) because I can actually identify with them.  (Oh, but if I could meet them and pick their brains!!) Their listener letter segment is also wonderful, because it gives a voice to all of us listening around the world!!
Pop Fashion Podcast Instagram

Dressed: The History of Fashion 

This is the newest of the three podcasts, only beginning in February 2018. Typically I prefer to read my history, rather than listen to it. However, it is produced and presented by two fashion historians, and they have won me over! The history of fashion is a newer field in general; for anyone outside of the field of history, political, military, and social history (largely of men) dominated the study of history until the 1970s. Now the field has broadened hugely, and there are people who luckily get to dedicate their lives to things like the history of fashion! Although people often dismiss style and fashion as flippant and unimportant topics, fashion very much reflects what is happening in society and politics, and can play a fairly important role in what happens on the local, national, and international stage. So far, Dressed has looked at everything from the logos that we covet today to Marie Antoinette to the piracy of fashion! While they do get into a fair amount of detail, it is never to an overwhelming degree and may leave you wanting more but never in an unfinished way. They are also more than happy to interview subjects and bring them on the podcast, which is great fun to hear from the very heart of an episode! (Also, one of the hosts has the most amazing history of fashion blog, The Art of Dress, which I recommend everyone spends a few moments perusing!) This podcast is from the people of How Stuff Works, so it has a fair amount of support behind it and I am excited to see where it goes!

Dressed: The History of Fashion
via dressedpodcast.com

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