Travel Thursday, Fort Casey and Fort Ebey

Port Townsend was my last full day in Washington, and we were actually able to hit a few different spots throughout the day. I’ve come to realise that Washington is full of many, many state parks. I have also come to realise that Washington’s history is actually pretty diverse than what I originally thought- not just a later developing west coast area, but rather rich with military and maritime history. It doesn’t hurt that most of these parks are gorgeous forests with spectacular ocean views… While I wouldn’t spend a whole day in either of these parks (if you are outdoorsy, you might), it was wonderful to take some time to see what they were about!

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When Loki and I strolled to Moose and Squirrel

Although it rained for most of our Banff trip, it was beautiful on the first morning while the boys were away skiing. I mean, sun shining, birds singing, grass green as can be beautiful. Loki was getting a little restless, and we needed to be away from the room for at least half an hour for the cleaning women. Enter: walkies!Β  Continue reading

Favourite Places, St. James’ Pub (Banff)

Everyone in my family always raves about St James’ Pub in Banff. I was skeptical- I lived in Dublin for a year, you don’t really find better pubs than Dublin. We headed straight here after we checked into our hotel on the Friday night of the long weekend! After a 14 hour drive, it was lovely to take a bit of a walk down the strip to get to the pub. Continue reading

The Perfect Travel Gift?

If you are like me, you like to find gifts for people when you travel! However, that can be expensive, confusing to decide on something, and difficult to fit in your suitcase when you go home. However, after many, many trips, I have finally found a good gift for friends…. Continue reading

Favourite Places, (a tiny bit of) Banff

As you probably know, I just got back from a 5 day trip to Banff! Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park was originally created as a getaway for people wanting to partake in the hot springs in Sulphur Mountain. The town slowly developed, along with a few mines. It is now known mostly for the amazing skiing! Continue reading

A Summer About Town!

I am trying my hardest to enjoy Winnipeg and get out about my own town! It’s not a huge city, and living here this long when there is not much that interests me. (Believe it or not, there is not a whole lot of medieval history and European culture in the middle of the prairies…) However, I’m going to find the interesting and good in Winnipeg, and enjoy myself this summer! Continue reading

Packing for Banff!

Early, early, early on Friday morning, we are heading out for Banff. My brother and dad are going to tackle driving the whole 13 hours while Loki and I read and be adorable in the back seat. I need to make sure that I am entirely ready to go and packed for Thursday morning, as I have a few appointments on Thursday night! So, how do you plan for a May Long weekend in the Rockies?
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Favourite Places, Hampton Court Palace

M and I decided to take a day trip to Hampton Court Palace last minute on our trip to London in July 2013. We weren’t quite sure what to do with our last day in London, and we knew we wanted to venture out a tad. Enter: a Royal palace to explore. Obviously Hampton Court Palace is well known for Henry VIII’s time there, but it actually wasn’t his to begin with.

Hampton CourtPalace,Travel Thursday

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