Islendingadaguirinn OR The Gimli Icelandic Festival

Islendingadaguirinn sounds rather otherworldly, but in fact is very much of this world, or should I say, of the Interlake in Manitoba. I like to show off what Winnipeg and Manitoba have to offer, like Lower Fort Garry and Ballet in the Park– although we may not have the drama of the mountains or the ocean, we are beautiful in our own calm way and we know how to enjoy our time together! (Especially when the weather doesn’t call for eighteen layers of clothing…) Islendingadaguirinn is an annual tradition for us here in Manitoba, and this August long weekend marked the 126th anniversary of the festival. Time to channel your inner Viking!


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200 Years of the Hudson’s Bay Company, Lower Fort Garry

This Travel Thursday is a local one for me- Lower Fort Garry is a surviving fort of the fur trade and was established in 1830 on the banks of the Red River. Although it is not so old as many sites in Europe, it is still a fascinating look into the past, and one that applies to many of us even now. The fur traders, lands, and animals supplied Europeans with countless furs, animal skins, and resources, with the Hudson’s Bay Company being the dominating company. Manitoba is in the centre of Canada, and allowed the fur traders to move along various routes! We spent the morning there on a beautiful day, and it was wonderful to spend a few hours in our own history…

200 Years of HBC History, Travel Thursday

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Style File Friday- 10 February, 2017

Back to the old classic format- three of my favourite items, brought right to you! Being that I’m in Fernie, British Columbia right now (see picture right below), I decided to share my favourite items for a trip to the Rockies. It’s absolutely gorgeous here, and while there is a lot of snow happening, it is about 15ºC warmer than Winnipeg- I’m taking advantage of the warm weather and enjoying getting out and about. The wind can get a little chilly, so it’s all about layering. Classic Canadian apparel, here we go! Continue reading

Christmas Tree Trip, 2016(Pt I)- Travel Thursday

This past weekend, we finally did it- we went Christmas tree hunting for the perfect trees! If you have been reading my blog in the last little bit, I’m sure that you’ve figured out that I’m kind of an elf and kind of obsessed with the holidays. As such , Christmas tree hunting is kind of a big deal for me. The tree farm is out in the country, it’s a good drive from us but in the crisp clear weather it is usually a lovely drive! This is a trip that never disappoints… Continue reading

I Was About MY Town!- Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Winnipeg has a lot to do, but not *that* much and when you’ve lived here for 20+ years, you’ve usually done most of it. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights opened in fall 2014, and is quickly becoming known for worldwide. It examines many issues of human rights, including Indigenous rights, the Holocaust, and how changes are made.  The CMHR is important to our family because my dad worked on the Museum while it was being tendered, and my brother actually helped build it (they are both in construction). However, I was waiting to visit the Museum until… Continue reading