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Ornament of the Day 6, Blogmas

In case you don’t know, travel is a pretty big part of my life. I love exploring new places, and especially diving into it’s history! I do love collecting ornaments when I travel, but I find depending on the time of year, it can be pretty hard to find them. (You would think that they would stay out as a standard souvenir but surprisingly they don’t…) However, the Royal Collection and Historic Royal Palaces do always have ornaments in their shops, and although they are expensive, they are beautiful. Once I discovered them, I made it a mission to buy more. However, this is the ornament that started it all…

Ornament of the Day

Holyroodhouse is an absolutely fascinating and gorgeous palace! Because I love Mary, Queen of Scots, I knew that I had to visit when I was in Edinburgh. The Queen isn’t actually in residence too often there, so it’s fairly easy to actually walk through the Palace. Scotland is such a beautiful country, and Edinburgh is steeped in history but is still wonderfully relaxed. Not that this guy would have you believe that…

Holyroodhouse Guard Ornament from Holyroodhouse Palace

This is my guard ornament from Holyroodhouse Palace! It was on the more expensive side (£12 or so), but looks so sharp on the tree! (It is also made of cloth, so I can’t drop it and break it…) His jaunty kilt and sporran, his hat, and his hand placed just so make for a very adorable ornament. Now every year he guards our tree from intruders and interlopers, and reminds me of my fantastic trip to Holyrood. And really, who doesn’t want to reminded of a lovely trip to a beautiful city?? Guard on, sir!

Do you collect ornaments when you travel? Or do you collect something else as your souvenirs? 

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4 thoughts on “Ornament of the Day 6, Blogmas”

  • What a lovely ornament! I especially value cloth ornaments, as they can withstand much more than your typical glass or ceramic ornament. I’m with you – it strikes me as odd that more touristy places don’t sell ornaments year-round. To me they make the perfect souvenir! That’s one thing I especially like about Disney – they have a shop devoted just to Christmas and ornaments all year long! These even keep a Christmas tree up all year.

    • I can usually find Christmas shops when I travel, but a lot of the time, their ornaments aren’t unique to that place. I’ve heard that about Disney, it is a very smart move!! (Although the one Disney ornament someone got me from there broke :'( )

    • I don’t get to travel too much either- now it is looking that I will have a trip sometime every 2-3 years, for the foreseeable future. I do plan on buying 4 or 5 on my trip back to the UK in Feb!!

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