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Online Etiquette

The internet, without a doubt, is an integral part of our lives (says the girl with a blog). And as such, we are interacting with hundreds, if not thousands, of people a day. Sometimes it is easy to forget that there isn’t a person behind that username, but there is. I go by a few general rules to keep myself, and hopefully others, happy!

1) Do not type anything you would not say to the person directly.
This hits home for me, as someone once posted things about me on a message board. I found it by accident, and I understand that they just needed a place to vent, but reading those things caused irrepreable damage. What bothered me the most is that the person apparently had quite a few issues with me, but didn’t respect me enough to actually tell me. I’ve also seen people be unspeakably rude to one another on various websites- I can 100% guarantee that would not have happened had they met face to face. Think about the person you are engaging with, not just yourself.

2) When in doubt, take the high road.
“I changed my entire outlook on subject X because someone ranted at me on the internet,” said no one ever. Just let it go. The sports team, the actor, the book, the clothing, whatever it is, will be just fine without you arguing online. And you will never get that time back.

3) When possible, be helpful!
If you can, provide links when you can! Also, in a blog world, try not to use R-Style type links, because you clutter up people’s cookies and after a while, I just won’t click on any links from your blog.  People just want general guidance, and general direction! Share your expertise with the world 🙂

4) Just be positive.
Whenever you are in doubt, post whatever is more positive! The world can always use more happiness, and you will never feel worse for making someone happier.

Do you have any guidelines for your own posting?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

The Historian

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