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Chocolate Christmas Trees

I’m going to be 100% honest and admit that I spend far too much time on Pinterest and Instagram looking at Christmas-themed appetisers and desserts. (If you are going to go for a theme, you may as well entirely embrace it, right?) One of my general goals for the next year is to up my game in the arena of cake and cookie decorating, but as for right now, I wanted to find a dessert that looks adorable but doesn’t take a whole lot of decorating skill- these mini Christmas trees caught my eye, as they are entirely perfect for my needs!
Chocolate Christmas Trees

So, this is a fairly flexible recipe that can be made with brownies, cookies, or cake, with pretty much any sort of decorations that you like. A lot of recipes get very specific in what it requires, meaning that this recipe would be great for anyone working with allergies or picky eaters. We are now in the midst of holiday party and get-together season, and this is the perfect dessert to bring to impress everyone!
cut chocolate cake

Chocolate Christmas Trees 

-chocolate cake, brownies, or cookies (equivalent to a 9X9 pan)
-green icing
-1 cup of pretzel sticks pretzel sticks
-decorations (I used Holiday M&Ms)
1. Cut the cake/ brownies/ cookies into triangles.
2. Break the pretzel sticks into halves and press them into the bottom of the triangle (for the trunk).
3. Quickly swirl the green icing for branches on the tree.
4. Decorate to your heart’s content! I used M&Ms as tree toppers, but nonpareils, sprinkles, and shavings would also do nicely.
5. Serve for people to enjoy!
Christmas trees canva
What do you always look forward to at potlucks?

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