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Blogs I Follow, January 2017

Today I am back with the first installation of Blogs I’m Reading for 2017! I love wandering through different tags on WordPress to find new blogs, and connecting with other bloggers through social medial. I have met quite a few new bloggers in the last few weeks, while also falling back in love with some blogs that I discovered long ago. I typically read blogs while I’m waiting in line for things during the week, and then longer catch ups on the weekend. I love a variety of topics, lengths, and formats- these are different but equally fun!

1. The College Prepster
Carly Heitlinger’s The College Prepster is arguably one of the biggest lifestyle blogs out there. Started while she was studying at Georgetown, Carly’s blog has grown enormously and covers a huge variety of topics. I stopped following TCP for a while; it seemed to only be Kate Spade sales and random basic recipes. However, Carly seems to have come back into her own, and her posts make me want to push myself and try new things. She absolutely adores her two dogs, she is posting more about every day topics that anyone can relate to, and her style is really evolving! I’m loving The College Prepster right now! Favourite Posts: Fitness Goals for 2017 and Winter Moisturizers!
2. Fatty McCupcakes
I was introduced to Katie’s humour blog through Charlotte from Mosaicca and it has quickly become one of my favourite reads! First of all, if you aren’t always trying to get cake into you, I just don’t understand you. Katie’s rants are hilarious, and she is 100% honest in every post. It is refreshing in a world full of blogs trying to balance every demographic. Pull a U-Turn and park yourself in front of Katie’s blog NOW. Also, go find her on Twitter at @fattymccupcakes! Favourite Posts: Being a Blogger- Bitch Sesh and Let Katie Eat Cake!
3. PT Contender 
Being the same age as Jess, I love that she is pursuing a career in her passion- she works so hard and helps the rest of us work fitness into our lives. I might be biased (my sister is an athletic therapist) but I am keeping all of my digits crossed for her PT school application. It is rare to see a genuine love like this in my generation (as a group, we flit a lot); she is putting her heart and soul into PT and I’m loving the journey! Also follow her on Twitter @pt_contender! Favourite Posts: December and a Quick Fit TipDecember and a Quick Fit Tip and Plank Challenge for Beginners!
4. How Do I Grown Up 
I ask myself on a daily basis, “What would an adult do in this situation?”, so Rebecca’s blog spoke to me immediately. She has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is in her career and it gives me hope to see someone my age who went through the same struggles as me and are now happy and successful in their career! She’s also just brilliant and is literally a fountain of wisdom. She is upfront and honest and touches on topics that a lot of people are afraid to, a rarity! Find her on Twitter @howdoigrownup! Favourite Posts: The Negative Nancy Myth and Adoption Story: Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady!
5. Franish
Franish has consistently been one of my favourite blogs. I am super squeamish about medicine, but I do enjoy following her path to being an OB/GYN! Her budget and style posts are incredibly helpful, and while she does have some luxury items in her closet more of her items are from high street US stores AND her weekly posts include any current sales at BR, Loft, The Gap, Nordstrom, and others. I also love her newer posts on staying healthy during a busy career! Favourite posts: Healthyish, Vol 5 and Closet Inventory, 2017!
I would love to read your favourite post from YOUR blog: post your favourite post that you’ve ever written in the comments below! I’ll be sharing them on Twitter for some blogger love!
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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