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An Evening at the Ballet, Style Saturday

Style Saturday is back for one week, for an evening at the ballet. In my post on the best ways to support the arts, one of my biggest recommendations is actually attending performances! Companies and theatres often offer half discounts closer to performances on unsold tickets, and there are often schemes for younger audience members to save (typically under 35), so there is no reason not to go. And one of the best reasons to go is the excuse to dress up, something that is sorely lacking in our modern world!

I wanted to share another style approach to an evening at the ballet or the theatre and show that there are quite a few ways to dress to the occasion without being over-the-top, black tie formal. Whenever I speak to people about attending the ballet (which is quite a lot…), I consistently hear that being inappropriately dressed, either too casually or too formally, is a concern. Typically a company won’t turn you away because of an outfit choice, but it’s always nice to feel comfortable amongst everyone else in your choices! This is another way to tackle business casual without feeling out of your element…
An Evening at the Ballet

If my previous Style File Friday homage to my love of plaid wasn’t clear enough, I adore plaid- I find that it’s an incredibly versatile fabric/print and can be used for a wide range of styles and looks. I usually go for more of a cocktail look for RWB productions, but given the more intimate venue and theme of the show, I wanted a low-key look that’s still elegant!

Plaid Classic Button-Down Shirt in Perfect Fit (in Black Tartan), J Crew Factory

This is a lightweight and soft tartan shirt that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what look you are going for! (I will be 100% honest, it took about a year and a half for me to actually get this shirt because I couldn’t find it at regular J Crew and it took forever to come in stock on the Factory site. It was backordered for a month before it shipped, if that indicates the level of popularity….) Even though I am kind of a freezy pants all of the time, I find theatres can be rather warm- this shirt cuts the breezes while still letting you breathe.

**It also works well for holiday parties- you can dress to the season without being too formal if you aren’t sure of the dress code!
J Crew Perfect Fit Black Tartan

Floral Jacquard Flared Skirt, RW&Co

This is a very recent purchase, and I could not love it more. It is a gorgeous floral jacquard flared party skirt that is perfect for any holiday party that you might attend, but also for events like the ballet and the theatre throughout the year. Hitting straight at knee level, it’s a comfortable skirt that holds its shape well. The pockets are spacious and fit my phone without showing it (a “problem” that a lot of women seem to ignore when it comes to pockets in skirts and dresses…). It is a more expensive piece at $89.90 CAD but is certainly an investment piece, and one that you may be able to catch on sale if you keep an eye on the site/stores.
Floral Jacquard Flared Skirt
The finishing touch of course was my longer strand of pearls and my Marks and Spencer heels! (I’m also looking for a pair of velvet shoes for evenings out and holiday parties- please let me know in the comments if you have some to recommend.) A very kind woman who was also attending the premiere complimented me on my shirt and my outfit as a whole, which was a lovely personal highlight of the evening.

You don’t need to go to black tie for an evening out in the theatre, but a mix of pieces and a few thoughtful touches can go a long!

How do you strike a balance between casual and cocktail?

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