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What Blogs Do I Follow?

What blogs do I follow? Well, a lot of them. These blogs featured here are the blogs that I drop everything to read when I see there is a new post! I follow a wide range of blogs- travel blogs, history blogs, fashion blogs, beauty blogs, baking blogs. You name it, I’m probably following it! It’s a particularly great feeling when you find a blog like one of these, it makes you excited about your own blog.

1. Doing Yoga to Dubstep– Katelynne is one of my best friends, and obviously, I love her blog. She knows more about perfume and make-up than I could hope to learn in ten lifetimes. Also, her music recommendations are always spot on. Highlights: Her perfume primer tells you everything you need to know about getting started with perfume; Music Monday is always a nice way to start your week.

2. Charlene Chic– Charlene has an excellent mix of style, shopping, life style, and DIY! I love this blog because I am in a similar demographic, and I appreciate her professional style posts. (Some offices aren’t runways, yo, and we have to look somewhat appropriate.) Highlights: DIY Breakfast Tray (which I am definitely making with travel souvenirs); adding some colour to your professional wardrobe.

3. Royal Hats– I love royals, and I love hats. This is self-explanatory. Highlights: Countess of Wessex’s One Suit, Three Hats; anything to do with Royal Ascot.

4. Jane’s Patisserie– Jane has some lovely recipes that are a little different! I plan on trying some before I go to Ireland (though realistically it might end up being after). Highlights: Classic Buttery Scones; these absolutely delicious looking S’mores Cupcakes.

5. History in High Heels– This is a fantastic blog! I am not sure how she actually completes her dissertation and travels around Europe, but I can only hope that I can catch whatever she has! She has cute style, and her history posts are on point- I’m not well-versed in early modern Italy, but she gives a lot of information. (I would love to see her historiography.) Highlights: Her explanation of her fascinating research; her evaluation of American vs European style.

Honourable Mention:

Navy Striped Peonies– I just discovered this blog this week, and so far I am loving it! I’m not sure about all of the Lilly (this Canadian doesn’t get it) but otherwise excellent style! I’m also planning on making these lemon bars.

What blogs could you not live without? Let me know!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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