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Travel Thursday, Accepting Your Pictures

You’ve spent hours and hours researching your destination on Instagram, Pinterest, and countless travel blogs. You’ve saved up a small fortune by cutting everywhere possible. You’ve packed and unpacked your suitcase enough times to earn the title of Tetris master. You’ve made it through the waiting game of air travel and flight delays, and you’ve actually made it to your destination, miracle of miracles! You’re there, you’re excited, you’re wandering around and discovering all of those places that you’ve only seen through a location tag on Instagram and then! You take selfies and pictures galore and then…
Accepting Your Pictures

You start looking at your pictures and realise that, oh, you look super tired. And that travel outfit that you thought was going to be perfect actually looks kind of messy and rumpled. Also, who’s that weirdo in the background staring directly into your camera in seven different locations? Then it spirals into, how should I edit these to fix everything? Should I share them? Should I try to go back and take them again? Just keep piling filters on to see if I can cover some of it?
And to that I say, STOP. Ninety eight percent of us do not have professional photographers following us around taking pictures of us while we gracefully float through a new local without a care in the world. We have to quickly run for trains and buses, figure out how to grab an open spot in a crowd, and try to see a monument amongst scaffolding, and that’s reality. Embrace your travel photos and remind yourself that that is how you experienced it!
Yes, you may always look tired like me. But you were tired because you had crazy jet lag because you travelled from Winnipeg to London and had to deal with a six hour time difference (leading to you being awake at 3am). That’s part of the journey! And maybe your hair looks crazy because the wind is taking everything it wants and you forgot an elastic (the one day out of the year that you do!). That’s part of the journey, too! Possibly you are also challenged when you have to look at a camera and you are either looking away or blinking or sneezing or just generally not being the best at being a person. Guess what? Also part of you!
These three pictures aren’t the best pictures of me, by a long shot. I’m pale and tired and not looking and moving and just generally all over the place. However, they make me smile every single time I look at them because I remember running to find Paddington or driving across Ireland or being far too excited to eat a mini cupcake from Fortnum and Mason, not that I look like a complete goofball.
So, dear readers, I am challenging you to post your best #goofytravel pics! I will be sharing some in the next few days, along with the memory that inspired it. What is your best “goofy travel” story? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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0 thoughts on “Travel Thursday, Accepting Your Pictures”

  • I can’t compete with professional photographers, so I don’t bother. You are right though, the best pictures are those that capture MY experience, not some arty, jaw-dropping shots. They don’t trigger the joy or weariness I experienced on my journeys. Good post & shared.

    • The most technically beautiful photographs don’t usually pull me in emotionally- I can appreciate the beauty and talent that went into it but I can’t necessarily relate to it. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  • Absolutely! Travel isn’t about looking good, it’s about having an adventure. You can always describe yourself as looking awake and tanned in the anecdotes afterwards if you really want to!

  • I love this post! I’m usually pretty happy with a lot of the pictures I take while travelling but there’s always times where you just think “Oh if only that person wasn’t right there” “Ugh scaffolding in the shot AGAIN” “Why are the bags under my eyes so awful”! But you’re absolutely right – it’s all part of the experience and makes it more real!

  • I love this post and the message behind it. I totally agree with you here! Personally, I do find that Instagram and Pinterest certainly have started distorting my subconscious mental expectations of what travel photography should look like. It’s funny, when I think back to vacations even back in 2012 or 2013, before I had Pinterest or Instagram, I don’t recall ever feeling disappointed upon seeing my photos. And now? I cringe instantly seeing them on the camera screen. Which is sad, really, because as you say, that’s my reality, and I don’t have the luxury of a professional photographer following me around waiting for just the right lighting!
    Also, I love these three photos of you! You look gorgeous AND real! 🙂

    • Aww, thank you!! As I go through photos to edit them for posts, I always rapid-fire cringe and then stop myself to ask- “did I enjoy myself?” If the answer was yes, that’s all I need to know 🙂 I remember way back when, when I had those disposable cameras and you had to wait a full week to see what your shots looked like- no fixing those at all!! Haha ☺ The world has become very staged, and I think we need to change that!!

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