How to Model in Blog Photos, Style File Friday

I know that many bloggers are totally cool with being on their blog, but I find it a little weird to be on my own blog. I think that that probably says more about me than anything, but I’m not great at editing photos with people in it, me or otherwise. However, one of my best friends is an amazing photographer and when I saw that she was offering half hour mini sessions, I knew that I had to jump on it. This isn’t a post on how to actually take the photos, but rather how to be the person IN the photos- a skill unto itself!

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Travel Thursday, Accepting Your Pictures

You’ve spent hours and hours researching your destination on Instagram, Pinterest, and countless travel blogs. You’ve saved up a small fortune by cutting everywhere possible. You’ve packed and unpacked your suitcase enough times to earn the title of Tetris master. You’ve made it through the waiting game of air travel and flight delays, and you’ve actually made it to your destination, miracle of miracles! You’re there, you’re excited, you’re wandering around and discovering all of those places that you’ve only seen through a location tag on Instagram and then! You take selfies and pictures galore and then…

Accepting Your Pictures

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Sometimes You Just Need an Animal

I am lucky enough to have a regular influx of animals in my life! Between volunteering at the Humane Society and hanging out with Loki, there are animals eeeverywheeere! Sometimes, you just need an adorable dog or bunny! Continue reading