An Evening at the Ballet, Style Saturday

Style Saturday is back for one week! I wanted to share another style approach to an evening at the ballet or the theatre and show that there are quite a few ways to dress to the occasion without being over-the-top, black tie formal. Whenever I speak to people about attending the ballet (which is quite a lot…), I consistently hear that being inappropriately dressed, either too casually or too formally, is a concern. Typically a company won’t turn you away because of an outfit choice, but it’s always nice to feel comfortable amongst everyone else in your choices! This is another way to tackle business casual without feeling out of your element…

An Evening at the Ballet

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Style File Friday- The Dog Park

Hanging out with my brother and our friends and all of the dogs (Loki, Thor, and Thorn) is pretty important to me- it’s a great time to relax, it’s a few hours outside in the sun and fresh air, and it’s time with the puppers! Winnipeg’s transition weather is a bit of a rough ride sometimes; Saturday was a high of 19°C and Sunday was a high of 2°C. Not exactly smooth sailing from one day to the next… As such, what I wear to the dog park can vary greatly from one trip to the next.

Style File Friday- The Dog Park

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Clinique Spring Pinks Gift, Style File Friday

As the last few beauty related Style File Friday posts have explained, I am make up challenged. However, the exception to that rule of my life is Clinique- it’s the one brand that I am familiar and comfortable with, probably because I started with their Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and it changed my skin’s life. I haven’t needed anything Clinique lately so I hasn’t been to The Bay lately, but that changed this past weekend! I repurchased my moisturiser AND was able to take advantage of one of those “gift with purchase” deals- and I’m very glad that I did.

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Style Saturday- 14 January 2017

Well, my car locked up/died twice this week, Winnipeg and surrounding area had our third blizzard in little over a month, and my eyeballs have frozen more times this week than any human should allow. When you tell people you are from Winnipeg, people inevitably will ask how you deal with the cold. Realistically? Enough layers of clothing to turn you into the Michelin man. However, I was lucky enough to receive a couple of cold weather accessories from my family that are helping stave off the impending doom, I mean, the frigid temperatures of winter. They are super cute and pretty easy to find!  Continue reading

Style Saturday, 7 January 2017

Welcome to the first Style Saturday of 2017! Because I usually get to do a little bit of shopping at Christmas (thank you Boxing Day/Week sales), January is usually a fun time for my style. Sure, I have to bury it at the beginning and end of the day in sweatpants, hoodies, and parkas but for most of the day I get to enjoy my new clothes and start the new year with a new(ish) look! This week was a little rushed but in addition to the pieces themselves, I will also try to post action shots in the coming Style Saturdays. Now, onto the good stuff- the first half of my new Kate Spade items!  Continue reading

Style Saturday- Airport Travel Outfit of the Day

There are many approaches to dressing for air travel- some go the route of, “If I dress nicely I will be considered for an upgrade,” while others work with “I had to get here at 2:30am and I don’t care who or what is happening right now no matter what.” There are pros and cons to every option but in any case it usually requires at least a little bit of thought. After countless flights I have finally settled on the perfect travel outfit pour moi!  Continue reading

Style Saturday- 17 December 2016

It has been horrendously cold in Winnipeg. As in, uncovered skin will be frostbitten in ten minutes or less cold. While I still love winter, I do not love feeling like the calcium has been leached from my bones and been replaced with ice. Seat heaters in the car and efficient heating systems inside go a long way to keeping me warm, but this week I have been heavily relying on my Christmas sweaters to keep my blood pumping around me and keeping me warm. Also, they are just amusing. Call me an elf, we need the Christmas spirit to get us through the cold and the chaos!  Continue reading

December begins! Style Saturday, 3 December 2016 (Blogmas 2016)

It’s the mooooooost wonderfuuuuuul tiiiiime of the yeeeear… The true beginning of Blogmas AND the time of the year when I can wear red and green every single day and no one says that my colour scheme is off! And I do. I’m going to be entirely honest, throughout the year I keep an eye out for red and green items of clothing that will work well together in preparation for the big month. By no means am I arguing that these are the most fashionable outfits that I’ve ever worn but they make me smile and help spread the holiday cheer!  Continue reading

A Lucky Dress, Style Saturday

No spoilers here, but in the first bit of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Rory is searching for her good luck outfit, a red dress with a full skirt. Although it looks like many dresses on Modcloth- not a bad thing at all, but nothing particularly unique- and it’s not really my style, I completely and totally empathise with having an outfit that just makes you feel like you could take on the world, nail that interview, and lead to people asking if they can feature you on their fashion blog. Okay, so that last one hasn’t ever happened, but I think we can all relate to having your own good luck outfit. I have three different dresses from Smart Set that all do that for me, and today’s is a Kate Spade dupe!

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The First Appearance- Style Saturday, 19 November, 2016

On Thursday we had our first hint of snow, Remembrance Day has passed, and there is a definite cold in the air- the Christmas sweaters are out and breathing in the snow! I knew that I had to start wearing sweaters outside of the house now, but in order to avoid several crazy looks, I went with wearing it only on Friday. I got a few odd looks, but mostly high fives and compliments. I was also probably the coziest person in my office. How did I pull this off, you ask? Continue reading