A Guide to Preparing for Your Week

I’m the first person to admit that there are a lot of areas that I can improve in. However, if I can do nothing else well, it’s planning and preparing- I strike a good balance between planning and actually doing. (Many people who plan will spend the majority of their time planning, leaving no time for doing.) It has taken me a few years to nail down my preparations for the week, but now that I’ve honed it, I’ve eliminated a lot of unnecessary stress and work. These are four easy ways to start your week off on the right foot!

Preparing for the Week

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When Self Care Gets Difficult

You can find countless self care posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, but something that has come to the forefront for me is: when you actually need self care, it’s incredibly difficult to do. When life is a little tough, it’s easy enough to take some time and take care of yourself. When you have no idea what life even constitutes, doing one tiny thing, no matter what it is, feels like a mountain. These are the tiny ways that you can take care of yourself to make everything a teeny bit easier, that can help add a little bit of energy to your battery without using energy in the process.

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A Guide to Beating the Cold

I’ve no idea what the weather is like where you are, but here we’ve had a turn for the colder! I live in Winnipeg, so it’s not like cold is unfamiliar or shocking to me, but the first turn for cold is always a little chillier than you expect. While I’ve brought out my parka and my warmer mittens, the cold stays with you for a bit and you’ve got to do what you can to warm up. So folks, it’s time to get cozy- this is a step by step guide to shut out the cold and stay warm so that you can relax!

A Guide to Beating the Cold

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4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Although you will hear the cries of “FALL! LEAVES! APPLES! PUMPKINS! HOCUS POCUS!” on an endless loop for most of fall (at least until November 1), it is easy to find yourself lost in the shuffle and not taking time for yourself. I’m not sure about where you live, but here colds and flus are making the rounds like they get a point for every one of us they drag down. Life is only going to continue to get busier until the New Year for most of us, so now is the time to set some time aside for you! I’m sharing four ways for you to take care of yourself during this busy season…

4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

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How to Take Care of Yourself

Life is incredibly busy for me right- it is our craziest time at work, advising for sorority recruitment takes up a good chunk of my time, and sleep seems to be at a premium. Still, I’ve been trying my hardest to focus on finding the little things and keeping my sanity- it seems that when I’m overloaded and exhausted my mental and physical health take a huge dive (as I’m sure it does for many people). Today’s post is all about taking care of you and making sure you have what you need to stay sane!

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