Chick Lit Recommendations for the Summer

I’m a bizarrely intense reader. I’ll read fiction, mysteries, history, fantasy, biographies, cozies, humour, you name it. A lot of people criticise and mock chick lit as a genre for being fluffy and flip. However, sometimes I want to read a book to escape from stress and work and don’t want to have to do mental gymnastics to make my way through a book. Summer is definitely a reading season for me! I love sitting outside or in the three season room for a few hours, especially with a fun piece of chick lit that helps me “get away”. These are my top recommendations for chick lit this summer!

Chick Lit Rec

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Banff Restaurants, Travel Thursday

Obviously I had to talk about where we ate on our trip, and I figured that given that everybody loves food, I should finish my trip coverage off with it. Unless you are Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine Nine who searches out bland and flavourless food to fill your days, you will need delicious food to power all of your hiking and exploring! Banff is an interesting mixture of chain restaurants, fast food, and unique one offs- these are three of the spots that are unique to Banff. I hope that you enjoy my mini culinary tour of Banff!

Banff Restaurant Recs

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DIY Suggestions?

I enjoy DIY projects and crafts, like any other female twenty-something. I used to scrapbook quite seriously, until I realised just how much money it was costing me and that it gets rather sad to be scrapbooking trips from two and three years ago because inevitably you will be behind. I love painting, I find it incredibly relaxing. Working with watercolours is very peaceful, while painting with acrylic keeps me moving. I enjoy making Alpha Gam crafts- it is fun and is something that I am passionate about. I don’t really craft like southern sorority members though, because WHY DO YOU NEED A PAINTED COOLER FOR A FORMAL?!?!?
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I usually prefer reading to watching TV. Or people. AKA. My reading habits.

I am what they call a voracious reader. I cannot put books down. Sure, I have the occasional Netflix binge, but I weekly (sometimes more often) book binge. I am currently in a Romanov spurt, and I can’t get enough information about them. I am in the middle of Helen Rappaport’s biography of the children, just fascinating.
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