An Historian About… Beauty and the Beast

Following Charlotte I am doing my own Beauty and the Beast review! If you have somehow been living under a rock or are very unawares of new movies that are coming out, the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast came into theatres a month ago. It had been built up for months and months, and I think you would had to have worked hard to avoid it. I did try to avoid anything more than the first trailer, especially detailed film site reviews lest something be spoiled for me. I went into it with as fresh a mind as possible!

Beauty and the Beast

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them IS Fantastic

As any Potterhead will tell you, this weekend’s mandatory viewing was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, JK Rowling’s newest creation set in 1920s New York City. The movie follows Newt Scamander, esteemed author of the book of the same name, as he attempts to track down the creatures that have escaped from his care upon his arrival. We are introduced to the American magical community and whole new group of witches and wizards, which I think is the best way to approach a new movie in the Potter universe.  Continue reading

The Royal Families of the World Are Well Represented

One of my favourite topics is the British Royal Family, and the other European Royal Families. One of my most popular posts is about the Duchess of Cambridge! I typically devour any biography, history, or fiction book I can get my hands on, as well as any TV show or movie. As such, I have watched most everything out there! This is going to be a handy rundown of the available shows and movies about the modern royals. Let’s start with TV, shall we? 
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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: How was it?

I must start this film review by saying that I very much enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when I read it during university. I know a lot of people are not in favour of altering the classics in any way, but I appreciate the new spin!  Continue reading

Movies! Movies! Movies!

M and I really like movies. Movie dates are kind of our thing, and whether they are in a theatre, or at home, they always happen! We watched quite a few movies on this trip, and I have to say, I enjoyed all of them. Continue reading

There is ALWAYS More to Disney

So, if you were born in the last four decades, you more likely than not grew up on Disney films. While I love a good princess story as much as the next person, Disney movies have so much more to offer than just a love story. I have decided to give these movies their proper and deserved awards. Continue reading

If I could, I would be a Raptor- Jurassic World review (No spoilers)

Thankfully I had forethought, and I bought tickets for Jurassic World on Tuesday- I’m going to guess we wouldn’t have been able to see it otherwise. My brother and I have been waiting for Jurassic World for what, ten months now? And it did not disappoint.  Continue reading

My life goal is to high five Anna Kendrick- Pitch Perfect 2 Review

This past long weekend I ventured through the rain and snow (yes, SNOW) because something needed to happen. I NEEDED to see Pitch Perfect 2. I went with one of my friends from work, and I have to say, I was surprised at how full the theatre was. I know it was the Sunday night of a long weekend, but we went to a theatre that is almost never full, and I figured people would want to stay home to avoid the snow. The power of Pitch Perfect, eh?

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Kingsman: The Secret Service- Not what we expected but still a great movie (No spoilers)

M and I always have movie dates, every time we see each other, it’s one of our traditions. Sometimes it is a movie that we have been waiting to see for months (even years), and sometimes it is a movie that we just picked. Kingsman fell into the latter category. And it was a surprise!  Continue reading