How to Grow Plants

So, this is the summer that I am going to grow a plant. Hopefully actually plantS if it all goes according to plans- I am hoping that this is the summer that I can grow five plants all on my own. I love using mint in my water and my cooking, so I am starting out with a mint plant. I don’t know that it is the easiest herb to grow but that is where I am making the first step! I found this kit at a bookstore, and I decided that this is time to try my thumb at being green…

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Travel Thursday, Kensington Gardens

Kensington Palace is associated with a few different royals, including Queen Anne and Queen Victoria. However, in recent memory it is most strongly associated with Diana, Princess of Wales! If you ever have the chance to visit, I recommend that you wander all around the Palace and gardens as you will see the gates where all of the flowers and gifts were left after her passing and the Sunken Garden which is currently transformed in honour of her memory!

Kensington Gardens,Travel Thursday (1)

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