How to Make Friends as an Adult

Although many people prefer to be alone, most people’s lives tend to be happier and fuller with the company of good friends. Some people have a lot of friends, some have a few, but friends really are the chocolate chip in the cookie of life! A lot of us find ourselves all alone, sometimes because we have moved (or someone else has moved), sometimes people have married or broken up or had a kid (or a few), and sometimes life just leads you apart. It can be overwhelming to think about how to make new friends when it seems your life is pretty settled but I promise that there are ways to handle it!

How to Make Friends As an Adult

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6 Ways to Spend Time With a Friend

I think I speak for most of us when I say that friends are wonderful things to have! Sometimes we take them for granted, but they are there for us when we need it, provide endless hours of entertainment and amusement, and are the people who tell us when we are being entirely ridiculous. Today’s post is all about the best ways to pass time with your friends and still try new things- many of us resort to the same old coffee date and/or movie night out when we could be far more creative and active with what we are doing!

6 Ways to Spend Time With Your Friends

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Quick Question, 20 June 2017

Welcome back for another Quick Question! These are fun questions that let you get to know me and let me learn something about you, my wonderful reader. Feel free to respond in the comments here, or tweet your answer at me @anhistorianblog! Today’s question is all about friends…


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Planning For Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day, a creation of Leslie Knopes, is a day to celebrate your friendships and enjoy your time with your girlfriends. While I do think that the world has far too many “holidays” that aren’t actually holidays, I love that we finally are coming around to a day to celebrate with your friends! I don’t think that you need to pull a Lesli and cross stitch a pillow of newspaper headlines for your friends, but I think that between now and February 13, you can make some plans for you and your girlfriends for a worthwhile evening!


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Living the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose, Pt. IV- Fraternity Friday

Week four of the #ShowYourPurpose contest is here to look at the next line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose! Last week’s line was related to our wider social networks, while this week’s line focuses on those closest to us. We all have those key few people who are there for us no matter what, and those individuals deserve our time, energy, and love! Every worthwhile endeavour requires effort to be successful; friendships are no exception to that. Now, onto the line! Continue reading

People like to read nice things

FYI- THIS IS NOT A JOKE. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Happy April Fool’s Day to one and all, though! Onto the real topic- etiquette, my friends. I think etiquette is more important than ever- the world is moving more and more into “I want THIS, nothing will interfere with that” territory, making it more and more difficult for everyone to react to well, everything. No one believes me, but etiquette actually serves to make the largest number of people comfortable. It also makes it easier to navigate social situations, because you have some idea of what to expect and how to respond.  Continue reading

Fraternity Friday- Who are the chosen few, I wonder?

“To cherish friendships with but a chosen few and to study the perfecting of those friendships.”

This line is of some debate- and maybe not for the reasons that you might think. In one of our Gamma programs in my last year (it was the first year our chapter actually used the Gamma programming, so it may well have changed) we discussed this line. The question was something along the lines of: you have a group of friends outside of the fraternity that you have had an annual weekend with for years, and this year it coincides with formal- which do you pick? I argued then, and would now, that you should go to the annual weekend. Formal happens every year, presumably it hasn’t interfered before now. Also, we have two formals a year, and I think we have the least of any chapter that I have seen. Continue reading