5 Cathedrals You Have to Visit

As a medieval historian who studies secular and canon law, I’m probably more interested than most people in church history. I think that cathedrals are the place to start when visiting a city, as it’s often a chance to see lasting and notable architecture that is lousy with centuries of history! These are 5 cathedrals that I think that everyone should see at some point in their life if they can- from different countries and cities, they all offer something different to their visitors! I hope that you enjoy my recommendations for Travel Thursday…

5 Cathedrals You Have to Visit

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5 Castles You Have to Visit, Travel Thursday

Although my travel experience isn’t the widest in the world, I have been fortunate enough to see many of the places and things on my bucket list! I’ve decided to start a new travel series with 5 of my top recommendations in different categories- I can’t promise that I won’t update them as I travel more, but I’m excited to share all of my favourite places with everyone! Today is all about castles- the homes of royalty and other important persons.

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Travel Thursday- Top Vintage Travel Posts

This year I haven’t been able to travel quite as much as I would like to- the Canadian dollar isn’t particularly strong right now, and student loan and car payments aren’t helpful if you are trying to save for a trip. M and I do hopefully have a trip to Europe in the spring or summer sometime, but in the meantime I have absolutely loved my throwback travel posts. These three posts were the most popular “vintage” travel posts of 2016! Continue reading

Favourite Place, Charlottenburg Palace

I included Charlottenburg Palace in my post on Berlin, and I have received a few emails asking about it since! It is an amazing piece of architecture and anyone could easily spend half a day to a day here. It is easy to see why people lounge and relax in the gardens for hours, and why people spend as long as possible in the palace itself.

Schloss Charlottenburg,Travel Thursday

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Favourite Spot: Berlin

In the year I was lucky enough to study abroad, one of my best friends and fellow Alpha Gams was living in Berlin. She came to visit me for a week in September/October, we met up for the Harry Potter tour in London, and then I finally was able to visit her in Berlin in May! My sister-daughter (in Alpha Gam) visited me for three weeks in May, and we jumped on an Aer Lingus flight to Berlin to see Tiff!Β  Continue reading

But how much can I DO? Travel Tips

My problem when I go on trips is that I want to do EVERYTHING. Unless you are a person of leisure, you can’t do EVERYTHING. But you can decide what is the most important to you and go from there. There are a few things that I have found help:Β  Continue reading