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History in the Making

Styling a Tulle Skirt, Style File Friday

I think that many of us dream of wearing a tulle skirt and while it may seem fun and exciting, it’s actually a little harder to style than I originally thought it would be. It’s tough to walk the line of fun but not juvenile when a tulle skirt is involved, and I wanted to make sure that I did it right. I’m going to share how I decided to style my skirt for my favourite night of the year- Barre After Hours!
How to Style a Tulle Skirt, Tulle skirt, skirt, tulle, ballet, style, fashion

I chatted about my amazing experience buying my skirt in one of my earlier Style File Friday posts- Sugar Berry Co was the most attentive and organised company that I have ever purchased from, and I would completely recommend them for any tulle skirt you might want! It might be slightly more expensive upfront to order a custom-made skirt but it ensures that you will have exactly what you want!
Tulle skirt, Skirt, Ballet, Style, Fashion
I know that the whole crop top and tulle skirt look has been popular for the last few years, but I don’t feel comfortable in a crop top (I think that they give me very odd proportions) and I think that that can contribute to looking juvenile. So, I set out to find a different top! I settled on RW&Co’s Solid Cami Blouse– it is a versatile piece that can be a styled in an infinite number of ways. It falls beautifully, has a fantastic feel, and is a timeless look! At only $40 CAD, it’s not horribly expensive and is a permanent piece at RW&Co- I already own it in navy, and will be looking for another cami in red for the holiday season.
Shoes, Heels, Leather Shoes, Court Shoe, Marks and Spencer, Style, Fashion
Footwear is also always a big choice for a night out! My feet are somewhat worse for wear from all of the years of ballet (ironic given the event that I was attending…), so I’m never quite sure what I will be able to handle, but I still wanted to look elegant and fit the rest of the look. Although some people can certainly pull off flats and look chic, being 5’2″, it doesn’t quite work for a formal look for me, so I opted for my Marks and Spencer Leather Court Shoes! At only 4cm they are enough heel for a polished look but not so much to be uncomfortable. With a good black polishing, they look as perfect as ever, even after five years of use!
Pearls, Necklace, accessory, jewelry, ballet, style, fashion
I decided to go with pearl accessories, just a long strand and headband for simple elegance. I tend to wear pearls a lot as it is the Alpha Gam jewel so I just have a fair few pearl options. I chose to go with the longer strand- with hair down and a tank neckline, I think that a choker style necklace would have lead to a very crowded décolletage . I love that I can wear it long, knot it for more of a statement, and even wrap it and wear as a bracelet if I want a bit of a different look!
How would you style a tulle skirt? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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