RWB School Spotlight feat Coppélia

Throughout the year, Winnipeg is treated with productions from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet company, and they are amazing. However, what a lot of Winnipeggers don’t know is that the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School also puts on their own productions, and these are a wonderful chance to see the up-and-coming dancers in the school, experience some amazing productions, and support the developing arts community in Winnipeg. On Friday evening, I was lucky enough to see Spotlight feat. Coppélia, and it is one of my new favourites!

RWB School_ Spotlight feat. Coppélia

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Giveaway: RWB Spotlight Tickets!

I am very excited to announce that I am hosting a giveaway for two tickets for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s next production! There is a pair of tickets valued at $60 available for Thursday, May 24th, 2018 at 7:30 PM at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, and it looks to be an incredible show. It is the end of the year show for the Professional Division students, and you will have the chance to see many up-and-coming dancers before they head out into the dance world. Coppélia, a fun and entertaining classical story ballet, is perfect for any age and is a wonderful introduction to ballet for a newcomer!

To enter the draw, you just have to submit your full name and email dress on the Google form below- submissions must be received by Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at 5pm CST.  The winner will be notified via email on Wednesday evening! This is open to Winnipeg/Manitoba residents. (Please note that your personal information will be deleted after the contest, and will not be kept and/or distributed to other parties.)

For more information on Spotlight, please visit here! And also remember that in a few months, we will also have Ballet in the Park to look forward to! A huge thank you to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for providing the tickets for the giveaway.

Please share this with anyone that you think would enjoy the show!

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The Historian
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The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Carmina Burana

I was originally surprised to see that the RWB’s Season of Storytelling would be concluding with Carmina Burana and Serenade in a mixed repertoire show, as they are both somewhat story-less. However, it is the perfect way to close the season entirely focused on the company itself and what our dancers can do! This three piece production is widely varied in both choreography and music, but the Royal Winnipeg Ballet is the heart running through it, and undoubtedly shows why we should be proud to call them our own. The athleticism, intelligence, power, and grace that is shown throughout is amazing to see in person, and Carmina Burana with Serenade is not a show to miss!

RWB Carmina Burana

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The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty

Although the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Nutcracker tops my list of favourite, their The Sleeping Beauty has now come a very close second- this is a spellbinding and entertaining ballet that will keep anyone enthralled from beginning to end. The absolutely gorgeous costumes and sets, paired with an incredibly talented company, will bring you away to a fairy-tale kingdom for an evening and allow you to see everything that ballet can and should be! The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty runs from February 28 to March 4 at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall.

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Presents

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An Evening at the Ballet, Style Saturday

Style Saturday is back for one week! I wanted to share another style approach to an evening at the ballet or the theatre and show that there are quite a few ways to dress to the occasion without being over-the-top, black tie formal. Whenever I speak to people about attending the ballet (which is quite a lot…), I consistently hear that being inappropriately dressed, either too casually or too formally, is a concern. Typically a company won’t turn you away because of an outfit choice, but it’s always nice to feel comfortable amongst everyone else in your choices! This is another way to tackle business casual without feeling out of your element…

An Evening at the Ballet

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The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Our Story

Last evening, I was lucky enough to attend the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s premiere of Our Story, a collection of pieces by celebrated Canadian choreographers in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday! As the oldest ballet company in Canada and the longest continually operating company in North America, the RWB is a leading company that balances traditional and classical productions with bold and experimental pieces that push the art form.

An Historian About...RWB's Our Story

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How to Dress for the Theatre, Style File Friday

Dressing for the ballet or theatre is rather a hot button issue in the recent past. You will see anything from sweatpants to gowns, depending on the show and the audience- where should you fall? If you’ve never attended, I know that it might feel overwhelming or even confusing but I’m here to help! I firmly believe that your wardrobe is an important part of life and can help set the tone for whatever you are doing- the right clothing can help make your theatre experience!

How to Dressfor the Theatre

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